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Word up!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by shamizzle, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    Obviously new to the forum, so figured I should be introducing myself.
    Well, name's Andrew. I had a VTR250 for about a year and have recently sold it. It's was a good little bike and did it's job well. Had a silly little can on for extra noise which came with it, left barely any back pressure in the thing compared to standard and had a little flat spot in mid range and i thought it was leaning out in the top end. So i put in 117.5 main jets it and shimmed the needles. Later decided i hadn't fixed the prob at the top end, so threw in 122.5 jets. Left it with a bit more poke, and a slightly different note. Anyway, it's gone.
    I'm still on restrictions for the next 5 or 6 months. But thought since i was never going to get insurance anyway, I'd go for a 600 sports bike......
    Before you go off and lecture me on how stupid an idea that is, I've decided against it. But I really need something with a bit more poke than the vtr, because frankly, I got bored... Very bored....
    I ride basically every day (not atm without a bike obviously) to work unless weather's horrible, since i don't particularly like wearing wet jeans all day!! And go for squirts round twisties on the weekend when there's time.
    So, I guess that leads me to the query, what do you guys ride?? And what do you think of whatever that may be??
    If in my situation, being a restriced, but terribly impatient person, what would you get??
    Well, that was a tad long winded....

  2. depending on where you are, if you're in NSW for example, you could get a Suzuki GS500 / Suzuki GS500f / Kawasaki ER-5.

    DO NOT buy a bike that's not lams approved, as the trouble you can get in / money paid / time not riding is really heavy.
  3. G'day, where ya from?
  4. welcome :)
  5. If you find riding a 250 boring then you're doing it wrong.
    Most fun I've ever had was on a 135cc 2-stroke in heavy traffic (or "car slalom" as I like to call it).
  6. LOL!!! Fair call. I guess I was a little harsh on the 250. I have had a lot of fun with it, mostly playing "car slalom" as you call it. But, it gets a little bit frustrating when you're playing in the hills and especially on the open road...
    I suppose it's not that it's boring, it's just that I'm ready to try something new.

    Agree. But oh soooooooo tempting! LOL!
    In all seriousness though, I've decided to go for LAMS otherwise I'd be on that 600 already!!!

    I'm in Victoria guys. Shoud've mentioned that.
    Does the LAMS list vary from state to state?? Or have some just not jumped on board yet??
  7. Shamizzle mah nizzle, get a GS500, bike is straight beast.

  8. Oh, and cheers for the resposes guys.
    lowercase, how would you rate those bikes mentioned (Suzuki GS500 / Suzuki GS500f / Kawasaki ER-5) against a CB400 SF??
    I ask, since I've riden a mates CB, so it'll give a comparison I can conceptualise??
  9. word...welcome to the boards.

    Threads on CB400
    Here and here
    Threads on GS500/F
    Here and here, here

    General info on lams bikes here
    More info in lams bikes here
    Some info on 400cc bikes here
  10. CB400 is also a wicked bike.

    YES the LAMs list DOES vary state by state. Check with vicroads as to which bikes are LAM's legal.

    I had the ER-5 as my learner bike and absolutely had a blast, excellent power and speed and you can use as much as you want, handles brilliantly and great for 80 k commutes each day or a big run on the weekends, or huge road trips. Excellent all round bike.

    The GS500 I had as a loan bike, and loved it so much! Fun fun fun!! (I got the naked version).

    Really a matter of what's LAM's and what sort of rides you wanna do. If you're really into the hills, then all three/four bikes would be a blast :)
  11. yeah, CB400 is a great bike. I have one myself. I believe it's right on the edge of the LAMS line, so, while it's only a 400, it goes very well.

    Anyway, welcome on board mate.
  12. Hola! Welcome to the forums! Have fun out there!
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  15. Welcome =D

    I've got a gs500f right now, and it's plenty fun to ride, but i'm selling it because..

    I have test ridden a cb400 and found that it's just smoother and much more refined.. the GS feels pretty 'agricultural' when compared.

    And i do love 4-pot screamers.