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Word... Office 2011 for mac! Finally, the ribbon is here

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Just noticed that Office 2011 is now available for mac (on msdn anyway). For those who have taken time to master the ribbon control in word 2007 its finally here in mac. I took the effort to learn it, and now love it. Its always a drag having to go back to the mac version.

    Going to download it tonight and see what its like. I shall report back.

  2. been using it for a while
    not a fan of the ribbon and disabled it.
  3. Should take the time to get used to it. It took me a while and I hated it at first, but spent the effort and now cant live without it.
  4. I hate the ribbon, everything I want is always on a different ribbon so I am constantly flicking between them
  5. Pass
    Having lived with it on windows on the work machines there are not many if any colleagues that like the ribbon.
    One was so pissed off with it they reverted to office 2003
  6. I have to use the ribbon on the work PCs and they are constantly giving me the shits. I would revert back to 2003 if I could, or, I would rather work on my Mac.
  7. I prefer my 16yo WordPerfect 6 to any version of Word (and Word wanna-be's like Open Office)
  8. I suppose it pointless trying to market the ribbon to any mac fan boy. Its an MS product therefore its crap.

    I have learned to utilise it to its maximum potential, and it sure beats navigating menus when its all up there ready to use after you select an object.
  9. Nothing to do with mac mate but rather the interface.
    Like I said many windows users where I work hate the ribbon, nothing to do with mac vs pc.
  10. I guess you like what you know.

    For me, I take great pleasure in learning to do things more efficiently. Some people find it more efficient to do what they know.
  11. Horses for courses
    The ribbon to the majority is inefficient
    there seems to be a certain defensiveness in your posts about this topic but I'm probably reading into it too much.
    Each to their own, what you find efficient and works well for you is for you.
    What works more efficiently for others is for them to decide.
  12. Not defensive i dont think. I am just resigned to the fact that when good things come up like this, people are not interested in learning it. Bit like using an IBM green screen with db2 database when you can have a nice gui.
  13. Dunno about Green Screen but you can't go far wrong with DB2...
  14. You have'nt been reading
    People have suffered through word 2007 since well 2007 and HATE it.
    It's not that they don't want to learn it, it's more that they don't like it.
  15. I am so very, very happy that I don't have to use Office for my work.
  16. …and no, I'm not anti-Microsoft. I used to be an employee of theirs :rofl: Loved that job,
  17. I though you could switch it off. Don't ask me how, I don't use it, but I thought it was like the old style / new style menus in Windoze itself, if you didn't like the New and Improved version, you could revert.
  18. I have reverted it on the mac the winblows version is impossible to find where to disable it.