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Word of the year!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. :woot: ...the word of the year has been crowned! :woot:


  2. Which one?

    1. WOOT Workshop on Offensive Technologies (Usenix)
    2. WOOT Want One of Those
    3. WOOT Wow, Loot! (archaic Dungeons & Dragons slang)
    4. WOOT We Owned the Other Team (gaming term; less common)
    5. WOOT Waste of Our Time
    6. WOOT Wonderful Loot (Everquest gaming slang; also seen as W00T)

    I quite fancy No5... :wink:
  3. I second the hacker "root access" theory.
  4. Woot the f#ck? :?

    Who spends time working this sh#t out? :roll:
  5. f u c4nt 74k3 7h3 h347 1337 7h3n 574Y 0u7 0f 7h3 k17ch3n :grin:
  6. The fact that you can type that only proves my theory that mankind is doomed to return to "banging the rocks together"

    I now declare English as a dead language and we shall all have to speak Net-ese from no on by the looks of things.

    R.I.P. English
  7. What's frightening is i can read that, and I'm pushing forty.

    w00t, Scheff
  8. There are web sites that translate English in to 7331 speak so it is nothing special
  9. i can read it too... and i wish i couldn't actually.
  10. |-|3Y |-|07(4//\//\, Y0(_) \\/\\/0(_)|_|)|\|7 |<|\|0\\/\\/ 7|-|3 |=1|257 7|-|1|\|9 4|30(_)7 1337 5|O34|< Y0(_) |)(_)//\//\|34|253 :p :p :p
  11. Thankyou for clearing that up.

    I have to wonder. I am 30. I know stuff. I venture outdoors. I talk to people. I've done stupid teenage pranks all the way up until 30.

    However, three points:

    1) I have NEVER heard someone say "w00t" out loud so I had no idea if/how it is pronounced.

    2) I had NO idea what the truck it means.

    3) It's like like, like whatever and some other multisyllabic verbal poo that gets smeared around everywhere. I have irrational hatred for this word.

    A wise man with an afro named Jules one queried,

    "do they speak English in What?"
  12. Hey don't call me a |)(_)//\//\|34|253 in public, I don't want everyone
    to know! :grin:

    It just goes to show there is no such thing as the Queen's English. Which
    queen anyhow? Language is an evolving thing, and the only real requirement
    is that it fulfils its purpose in conveying the intended emotion/sentiment/
    command/request/etc to the reciever. Even if the emotion that the
    reciever is intended to feel is bafflement.


    Actually, now that its official, W00T is officially 'old hat' and shall be
    replaced immediately by something even more incomprehensible.
  13. I put "'' spoonter" up for consideration, but didn't make the final cut.
  14. DIE, WOOT, DIE!!!

    :woot: [​IMG]
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  16. if the stdy was done in australia the words of the year would have most certainly been "New Leadership" closley followed by "Union" , "Climate Change" and "Global Warming"

    what has the world become :woot:
  17. Oddly enough, i use it daily. I say "lol" And "Roflol" etc. And not playing computer games either.

    I am nerd. :cool:
  18. Slightly tangential to topic one of my favourite words and suitable for all, some, many, occasions:


    Having Shapely and proportioned buttocks. Definition LInk

    Work it in to your next conversation :)
  19. Nice one CJVFR - I know one or two ladies that fit that description :LOL: ... does callypigeon mean someone with shapely bird like legs??

    Here's a link to lots of rare uncommon english words: http://www.islandnet.com/~egbird/dict/dict.htm ...Worth a browse.