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NSW Wootton Way / Old Pac Hwy - Loose Surface (Apr 11)

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by DrSleepy, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Just a quick heads up about Wootton Way (Old Pacific Hwy) north of Buladelah. There's quite a lot of loose surface / gravel for 2-3 km between Ferny Creek Rd & Bangalow Rd where it goes up and down the mountain. Its all over the road in both directions, and not much fun to discover without warning. There's a few yellow signs around, but no indication anyone will come sweep it off any time soon.

    Rest of the road is fine although the usual amount of leaves, etc., on the edges.

  2. I'm pretty sure it's been that way for ages. Was covered in gravel like that when I was there over around a year ago. Such a shame as its a great road.

    Or is there just an idiot who keeps dumping gravel there?

    An alternative is to detour via the Lakes Way there's a nice mountain run there and it's quite scenic but will probably add 40mins to your trip north.
  3. It's been well over 18 months since I've done that road so it was all new and decidedly not-shiny to me! It's a shame though, because it is such a nice bit of road with practically no cars on it.
  4. It reminded me of how the northern part of The Old Rd was when it was closed by that bridge wash out,so many leaves and sticks it was hard to tell what was rd and what was dirt verge. It is a shame as years ago before the expressway deviated traffic it was brilliant.Was hoping to relive the Bulahdelah Bends,not so much these days.Did it on an Oxley trip a while back,wouldnt both after see it now
  5. Yeah, its pretty much local traffic (of which there's not much) and the occasional motorcyclist I think. Unfortunately it probably doesn't have much in the way of maintenance priority.
  6. When we were kids we used to call that part of the drive up to our farm at Coolongolook "The Twisties". Was a good ride too on the couple of times I've ridden up that way on a bike. But yeah, these days it's neglected which is a shame.
  7. Kinda hard to find as well, not just straight past Bulahdelah like I remembered, my first ride on them was in the mid 70s on an RD 250 Yamaha 2 stroke, went in way hot on the first bend, double lane if I remember and ran wide into the next lane.Learnt a lot of that ride,learnt its a good idea not to crash,had 2 pretty big offs heading to Queesland. Tamed it down after that.