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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Just wanted to say I had a lovely day on Monday. Jay's day off so he let ME go for a ride :angel: I haven't really ridden since we found out we were pregnant last June, so 15 months of virtually no riding (one trip to Port Douglas from Cairns and a couple of short trips to the bike shop...) after 12 years of riding every day. I can't get over how much having a little person you are responsible for can change how you ride, but he does and I don't mind a bit :D

    So, I stuffed myself into my leathers (I'm not allowed to get a new set, so good incentive for me :wink: ), gave the wee wee man a last feed and headed off on a little loop. I stopped for fuel in Healesville but just enjoyed a little tootle around my old stomping ground. Ended up doing home --> Christmas Hills --> Healesville --> Don Valley --> Gembrook --> Lysterfield --> home. Though I did have a lot of wet bitumen and it was a little nippy, the pleasure I used to have riding all the time has been pulled out of the baby-hazed depths of my memories :dance: :woot: . My riding ability seems to have been somewhat downgraded :oops: , but it's SOOOOOOO good being back on a sportsbike doing what I love! Now to work out a way to go on all day rides again with the man I love ....

  2. Yay Lil!!

    Better change your username handle: "Rider on hold; new mum!" to "Rider training smaller Rider: slowly but surely!"
  3. babysitters have a very good use sometimes....

    congrats on the long awaited ride :D
  4. congrats lil, maybe a top is in order :LOL: or if you are going to have another get some panniers:rofl:
  5. You rode around your old roads, Lil? I thought you folk were in the deep north???

    Whatever, I can't think of a person who would miss riding MORE than you, and I'm tickled you got to have a blast.

  6. I'd recomend you take the hubby first :)
  7. great post lil and great news. funnily enough, i reckon i ride more now than i did pre-bub, because i know i have limited opportunity and make the effort commute on the bike where i used to drive.

    welcome back to 2-wheels. i'm sure you'll get back to your old riding ability in no time. it's just like getting back on a bike ;)