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Woot, got my 250 Hornet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by StabbyTMP, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Just picked up my shiny new/grey Hornet, and its riding position is ever so comfy, took it down some back streets to get used to the difference in handling compared to my scoot, this will take a couple of runs to get used to its turning circle and stopping distance but thats just half the fun :)

    Although I must say finding neutral with a pedal is far more frustrating than with the grip shift. Ill get used to it


    Time to get out the autosol and shining some bits up

    Thanks for listening :p
  2. absolutely AWESOME choice in motorcycle!!!!
    keep the shiny side up.
  3. congrats tidy looking ride......never mind cleaning it get out there and ride the thing :wink:
  4. nice! didn't know scooterers upgraded to bikes :LOL:
    congrats though, and don't worry, shifting to neutral becomes easy in a short time :wink:
  5. mileage? what sort of tyres? chain/sprocket condition??

    Whatever, it looks good.

    Adjust your gear pedal so it slants downwards, so your foot is resting on top of it at your normal ankle angle. Makes downshifting easy....
  6. good upgrade, youll be used to it in no time!
  7. very nice
    reminds me of a stunt bike :cool:
  8. Nice looking machine, it really makes it easy if you have a LCD display telling you what gear your in, makes easy work of finding neutral. :)
  9. Well Done and congrats on converting to the darker side
    !!! Looks Awesome :cool:
    Yet another Hornet rider joins the ranks!!
  10. Gorgeous bike Stabby.

    The upgrade path is obvious: Hornet 600, cb900, cb1300!!

    Welcome to the Horneteers!
  11. looks great!!

    mmm what about the new cb1000 they were talking about??

    still got a spot in the garage for one of the 2005 cb1300 Super Bol D'Or [-o<

  12. cb1300 = God Yes!
    cb1000 = Hell No! (It looks like a Dyson vacuum cleaner...)

    <mumblegrumble.. bloody transformobot motorsickles... grrrrr>
  13. Congratulations! :grin:
  14. Yay! :grin: Congrats! Nice lookin bike.
  15. yay another 2fiddy hornet
  16. I really am enjoying riding this thing, I like the ability to choose how fast I accelerate, rather than having to hold the throttle way open and creep up to the desired speed.

    And i just had it pointed out to me that I have just upgraded from one winged insect to another... (the scoot is a classic vespa).

    at any rate, I could not tell you the the type of sprocket or chain off the top of my head, and its a lil dark to look right now, but on initial inspection (last week) they were in good condition, weren't covered in grease so I could see that the teeth looked good.

    the tyres are dunlops which from the look from a pic i took a little earlier, they appear to be a sportmax radial d207?
    will be looking at stick some new shoes on her in the near future anyway.

    downside is I have to take her back to the dealer tomorrow morning as it hit dusk, and I realised that the backlighting in the speedo and half the tacho were out... kinda a bit F**Kt off about that really.

    but it is a good excuse to go for a ride tomorrow rather than doing the work I initially planned to.
  17. That's a real trick looking bike - you must be well chuffed.
    Did anyone understand what Hornet600 was saying about the gear linkage. Is it just me? :?
  18. eh?? do you not customise the position of your brake and gear pedal to suit the size of your foot, angle of your ankle? 'Tis one of the most ancient of motorcycling traditions.

    Stabby, your gearshift mechanism has a long rod, threaded and with a nut at each end, running from the pedal part to the gearbox shaft forwards. If you undo the nut at the front (it's a left-handed thread so you'll need to turn it as if you were tightening it up (10mm spanner)) and the nut at the foot-peg end, you will be able to turn the shaft itself with a pair of pliers. You will notice that if you turn it towards the bike, the pedal will start to rise, and vice versa. Adjust the pedal so that when you are sitting on the bike, your foot is resting on top of the pedal with your foot at a natural angle. You can then hook your toe under the pedal to change up. In this way you will only have to pivot your ankle to change gear.

    You can adjust the rear brake pedal in a similar manner, except of course that you don't have to lift it, only press it down. Once again this adjustment is made by a rod with nuts at each end......

    See, clear, innit???
  19. tis clear now, the scoot don't have ancient dohickies and whachamacallits kinda a sit and go affair, will be jumping on it tomorrow tho.

    I kind of want to do it now, but it might look a little weird out on the street with a torch and a spanner..... cleaning a portion of the garage out tomorrow, in the middle of preparing for a house relocation, marginally closer to the city, so I cant do it there yet.

    First thing in the morning I'm on it :)
    thanks for the advice/howto hornet600
  20. i near earplugs for mine...

    how loud is yours?

    i think the previous people debaffled mine... ears were F***ed last night :(