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Woosh woosh woosh

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tonee, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. As the title states....whats the noise coming from the bottom of my bike?
    Its clearer when the bike is rolling on neutral or with the clutch in.

    Any clue?

    Oh by the way, its an 04 CBR600RR....

  2. quite possibly, its the noise your windscreen wipers make. It's clearer when rolling or in neutral because the engine isnt revving.
  3. It's probably the chain. if it increases frequency with road speed it has to be wheels or chain.

    On a quiet bike with a noisy chain it'll become apparent
  4. agree..have you adjusted your chain recently? I'd suspect that the rear axle is not aligned 100%..or that you have a tight spot on your chain...or both.
    If you have a centre stand..or paddock stand roll the rear wheel by hand and you'll quickly find it. If your chain is old..repair by replacement, if not re-adjust and lube.
  5. could be a brake pad rubbing a little.
  6. Ok I must admit I know nothing about bike mechanics, but my last bike made a whoosh whoosh sound and it turned out to be the main bearing. Hopefully not the case with yours, but worthwhile getting checked over anyway.
  7. i'd have 4 suggestions:

    the main bearing, the chain, worn tyres with not enough air, or the brake pad.

    my suggestion?

    take a day off work, clean your pride and joy, make sure everything 100% and i'm sure you'll soon find the problem. if no problem to be found, take to mechanic for main bearing or brake pad. (unless you can do either yourself)
  8. Sounds like tyre noise to me.
  9. were the tyres changed recently? might not have been put back onto wheel properly..
  10. I think he's too scared to ride the bike. He's just sitting on it going "woosh, woosh".

    Sometimes it goes, "brummm, brummm". Other times, "baaaarrp, barrrrp".
  11. sweet thanks for the replies....

    i've recently tightened the chain last week...and the notches on both sides are the same.
    I'll go to the servo and check the tyres again, if that didnt fix then I'll do the chain again.
  12. You may have over-tightened or highlighted a tight spot.

    Also, are you sure the notches on both sides equate to a straight wheel?
  13. That's a significant point. I'm reminded that the chain adjustment marks on several of my bikes have been miles out from side to side. I used to check by measuring from centre of swingarm spindle to centre of wheel spindle on each side, if I couldn't be bothered to drag the wheel alignment planks out.
  14. Not terribly helpful but damn that has to be the best/funniest response and I laughed so hard my gut hurts
  15. no one thinks my posts are helpful :(
  16. You aren't riding in corduroy pants are you?
  17. Fixed.
  18. Remove the bits of cardboard and cloths pegs from your spokes.
  19. Ok, I did the chain again, lubed it and pumped the tyres to correct pressure.
    The wooshing noise is now gone, but theres a whining noise sounds like its coming from the front.