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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Around the outside in the dirt, he's lucky he didn't end up over the rail and down the edge! DH!
  2. Complete moron.
  3. Who said unknown rider down :bolt:
  4. Darwin almost claimed another :twisted: Like one of the voices in the vid said "at least he wasn't wearing shorts and tee shirt" ...
  5. WTF was he thinking?? :?
  6. seriously how hard is it to say to yourself, not this time i'll go again in a minute.
  7. wow, that was clever :roll:
  8. I wonder what he planned to do if there wasn't any gravel.
    Looked to me like the car ran wide, so he would have run out of road anyway.

  9. Well, at least he had a sense on humour, and didn't kill anyone. All in all, a good stack. Totally stupid, but good fun to watch. :LOL:
  10. fun for us not for him.... :?
  11. Doesnt look like there was any gravel on the side either.
  12. Puff of dust, front end slide........ :-k