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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spottedninja, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Got my first speeding fine today. Trying to catch caspar on maroondah highway. The officer was a nice enough chap, dropped it from 145 - 150 to 134. Result is loss of license in the state of victoria for the period of one month. I am pretty shredded. What hurts most is the $400 fine.

  2. Take it, mate... my first fine was $683 and no license for 3 months!!!
  3. like the difference between being hit by a 5 ton truck instead of a 10 ton truck, eh :loll:??
  4. It doesnt really matter to me. I am heading home to NT. Where i am licensed to ride. Will get it back just in time for my next trip down.
  5. First offence in Victoria, eh?
    You know next time it'll be one of those "the chase was called off..." stories, right?
  6. Yeah of course. Would have been one today were it not for caspar on her 250.
  7. Well there you go! I thought license suspensions crossed interstates. Lucky you can still ride at home.
  8. Netrider has been a bad influence on me... Ya jerks
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  9. @ OP - welcome to the Beige state....

    Be sure to brush your teeth tonight - they will find out and fine you otherwise.....
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  10. I thought if your Lic suspended in one state its in all states now?
  11. I think points carry over, the fines themselves don't always. I think I'm suspended from holding a QLD license cos I didn't pay a speeding fine I got back in 2006. I copped the points at the time but the NSW RTA had no record of the fine default, only the demerits.
  12. Ya silly bugger, lucky you are not walking home.
  13. I assume you slowed down for the speed cameras on Eastlink the other night???

    Otherwise you can expect several more in the mail.
  14. Poor selection for a place to run up those sort of speeds, that sort of road is well policed....