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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fireroundabout565, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. trixie and i are packing up and moving back to melbourne, shoule be there by ny's. goodbye canberra. now i just have to work out how many days i can spend riding through the snowy's on the way down.

    question for the melbourne people, where can i get a set of diablos cheap down there?

  2. Welcome back Roundabout and Trixie :D
    You can take the boy out of Melbourne but you can't take Melbourne out of the boy hey ;)
    Hopefully we will see the 2 of you down at coffee night in the new year.
  3. welcome back
    i will be the idiot , what are diablo's?
  4. tyres gorberts, the black things, also known as wheels :), that help keep the bike on the road :)
  5. Tyres Groberts :roll: :p
  6. i thought they were talking about a lambourghini :LOL:

  7. Uuuummm, wheels are the things that the tyres go on actually. Sorry but I had to point that out.

  8. i thought the tyres went on the rims and the whole unit was called a wheel?
  9. And there I was thinking the tyre goes on the rim to make a complete unit called a wheel :D

    Oh well, back to class for me :roll:
  10. and cheap Diablos?.... yeah them tyre black thingies :LOL:
    get em from BOB JANE city ( a Netrider partner)
    or Pablos at Rowville
  11. Ask Lil..... She loves them and recently put some new ones on...last week I think
  12. bob jane's on the big roundabout near royal pde right?
  13. roundabout wat bike do u ride
  14. triumph tt600, 2001 model
  15. Nice. Ur a cruiser person!
  16. I went to Pablo's for the front a week and a half ago...now I need to go back for a rear :shock: :evil:

    I tried Bob Jane in the city initially, but they didn't have any in stock, so I just went back to Pablo's whom I have been dealing with since I first started riding! They are nice guys and a good price. Probably not the cheapest, but I think it was only a few dollars difference and I'm happy with the service!

    :D :D :D
  17. alot of people prefer to pay the little extra for some good old fashion service and for women some respect by motor machanics is always good too.
  18. hmm Pablos quoted me $250 for a front tyre, even the yamaha dealer quoted me $180.... you think they could extend the respect to men too?
  19. Using my 8 yr old smarty pants voice...well actually the wheel is made up of 3 components....a hub, spokes and a rim. You get the TYRE fitted to the RIM of the WHEEL
    hehehehehehehe :D :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: