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Woooo, finally a real bike! '06 Honda VTR1000 FireStorm

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by twisties, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. After scaring myself stupid on GSXR-1000's and 750's and having a heart attack over the insurance costs (yeah I'm only 21), I found this little gem.

    I've really enjoyed the last 30,000k's on the VTR250 but it just doesn't compare to it's biiig brother with a pair of Micron slip-on's. I have to turn off the ignition and roll it half way down my street then push it up my driveway at night just so I don't wake up every neighbours' kids!



  2. I like the firestorm.
  3. Love it! Big nads yo.
  4. Thanks guys, 2 days down and I can't keep off the thing, loping along at 3k rpm i'm accompanied by a satisfying, thud-thud-thud-thud... It's intoxicating!
  5. BEAUTIFUL bike

    congratulations on the new bike and I bet it sounds just AWESOME!!!!=D>
  6. One step ahead of ya mate ;)

    Just waiting for the confirmation email to come for the forums registration
  7. Beautiful bike... Saw one last night at dinner and it sounded bloody fantastic. Nice!

  8. I hear what you are saying....... My old bike... Loved it :biker:

  9. Really wish they still made microns for the storm.
  10. whats ur insurance like on this bike?

    im 19, and on my 20th birthday hopefully im upgrading. Its quite sad that insurance costs play such a big part in choosing what bike to get.

    But btw, nice bike! looks the goods
  11. nice bike you have there, they sound sweet with the microns cans too =D>

    yeah yours might of looked better if you had it sprayed in a topcoat and didn't just leave it with it's undercoat flat black :cheeky: nah i agree it was a sweet looking bike that sounds tops too.....loved them too and almost ended up on one instead of the sv, geez glad i came to my senses :bolt:

  12. Naughty Firestorm, in your bed outside!

    How hot do black rims and red pinstriping look!!
  13. Dude there ORANGE... It looked horn with fluro GREEN

    See if i can find a pic later...

    VTR BOB's is an awesome example of blinging one to the max
  14. Insurance is costing me $1780 premium with Swann, $400 basic excess with $300 age excess.

    I'm 21. The quote was sorted through the Dealer but I got a quote myself and they wanted $3k for the same bike so I don't know how that worked out.
  15. They offered me pretty much the same deal and i was rating 1 for life and 30yo ](*,)

    The problem is that they rate it to be a SP1 or 2 which is full fairing, fuel injected sports bike not a carby sports tourer :-s

    I ended up getting it through another mob for $750 which is more than i pay for the fire blade from the same company ](*,)
  16. Would've had one of these in a second if the tank held more than a coffee cup...
  17. Haha,m I know what you mean. The claimed 19 ltr tank seems to only hold about 17 ltr's and so far I've only got about 160 - 180k out of a tank. far cry from the 250's 13 ltr tank lasting near 300k!

    I suppose it might last a bit longer if I kept my right wrist a little more under control :p
  18. Yeah, look, I say that, but the GSXR only gets 250km at best anyway!

    Nice lookin bike you got there, regardless.
  19. Nice bike mate!!