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Wooohoooo... Finally I've got my baby !

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Alison1474, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. I'm soooo excited.... I am finally an owner of a bike !!!! Bought it yesterday and ABSOLUTELY luv it.

    (if anyone feels like bagging out my choice of bike please shut the hell up lol I'm too happy for anyone to bring me down. Tell me next week)



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  2. It's very yellow isn't it?!!
    I like that you got the 650 too - is it coming out on the 15th?
  3. The yellow isn't actually that bright in real life... it's just the photo.

    Pick it up on Saturday.... so hopefully :) Oh geesh I seriously can't stop smiling.
  4. Congratulations! Theres nothing more exciting than buying a new bike....I bet you are counting down the days/hours/minutes til Saturday!
  5. Good feeling huh?
    You get it every time you buy a new bike, which is why some of us just keep on buying bikes (Yes, [MENTION=32481]AznCruiser[/MENTION], I'm looking at you...)
  6. Here's another pic that shows the true colour better.....

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  7. I've never liked yellow on cars but I just love it on bikes. Looks great! Congrats and have a blast.
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  8. Congrats!!...... it's the BEST feeling :woot:
  9. the bike looks great, a friend of mine got a white one a few weeks ago.

    But mindful of the frame, the 1st few times he had it running the frame got ridiculously hot
  10. Congrat's! It's a terrific looking bike. :D
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  11. congrats on the new purchase :) enjoy your new baby :)
  12. Enjoy, they are a fun bike.

    They are a great bike to ride. I do hope you have better luck than I did.

    Happy Riding. Keep it upright.
  13. Nice......very nice...:)
  14. TAXI!!!

    Congrats / have fun.
  15. Hey like ive said im a huge impulse buyer lol...........it just so happens that ive stepped away from cars and into bikes :). If theres a bargain to be had then im there :)........and yes I do like that good feeling, gets addictive like a junkie lol.

    Anyway, you need to have a trackbike, a sports road bike, and a comfortable cruiser type bike.....right?

    Lookin good there...................ive got a yellow elmo helmet cover, you should get one, would fit into the yellow bike very well........also get yellow leathers......might as well go the whole way :).
  16. Oh thank you all so much..... and I seriously was cracking up at the Bee v Shark clip..... LUV IT.

    (still can't stop smiling cause I'm no longer a pillion !!!! I've got my own bike !!!!! )

    Now gotta think of a name for her.... With the Bee reference though... it's obviously going to be a relevant theme..... any suggestions.

    (yes typical girl thing.... I need a name :rofl:)
  17. msjrules03..... mine isn't a new one, it's 2006. There doesn't seem to be that problem with the 'older' ones but... lol I'll let you know after a few decent rides.