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WoooHooo! New Blade, here I come!! :-D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kranzy, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Just gloating... :p
    Got the money.... Got the price and insurance sorted out.... Got the tinted screen box ticked.... Going for the test ride on Saturday morning, and if that goes as well as I believe it will. I'M BUYING A NEW BLADE BABY!!!! YEAH!!!
    Red and black for my visual delight :grin:

    So whadda ya's all think? Good move?

  2. excellent choice. you will be very happy.
  3. Should be a blast.

    Just heed the oil burning issues, paint issues and exhaust discolourisations.
  4. You suck !

    ..kidding , Congrats mate !
  5. Thanks Guys, saba.. I've heard of these but i'm not too concerned as I don't know how substantiated the oil issues are.. and the 04-07 had paint issues that Honda resolved under warrantee... and i'm getting a 4 yr unlimited km honda warantee!
    Besides.. any completely new releases like this will always get people talking about the one or two with issues lol... and i'd rather it be a honda than any other I think..
    Having said all that.. what info are you going from?
  6. PM me with the price you are paying... I have 2 red/black bikes in stock and will look after Netrider members..
  7. yellow black is better :p imho!
  8. Honestly I'd just love black!!!! :twisted:
    But alas... I'm not willing to wait till the next paint update :p
    Besides.. My leathers are black so too much can be a bad thing!
  9. YELLOW!!! YUCK!!!

    NICE ONE MATE, Flying low for u!
  10. [​IMG]

    how is that yuck.. in flesh i think it looks awesome![/img]
  11. dude i am so disgusted with you right now i wanna throw up.that should be MY bike :mad:

    do enjoy...
  12. 1+ to that :grin:

    1+ to yellow being YUCK *Holds Stomach* :sick:
  13. I didn't like the yellow until I saw it in the flesh. Now I have nightmares about choosing which colour CBR I will buy when I sell my liver.
  14. I saw the yellow in the flesh about 6 weeks ago at redwing just after it was taken out of the box and I still thought :sick:

    Little unsure of the round badge on the tank too, bit retro that...

    Red is dam nice :cool:
  15. Looks wise I much prefer my black 05 but this new blade is sposed to run rings around the competition. Enjoy it and welcome to the club.
  16. Congrats man!

    Hope she treats you right.... and ... vice versa!
  17. Thanks guys! I'm so excited... Never owned anything NEW before!!!!
    I like the badge in the tank... I think it looks refined, more complete than just slapping on a sticker! lol just had a thought... all the fully siiick street racers will debadge them the save 3 1/2 grams lmao (after eating a 3 foot long kebab :p )

    Funny thing the new blade.. I used to love the '04-'07 blade and wanted one SOOOO bad and when the '08 came out I thought it was disgusting judging by the pics! :shock: :? But then I saw her in person... OMG love at first sight, the '07 just looked really old and outdated instantly! so hard to explain (Sorry, no offence old 1krr owners, they're still awesome)

    And the YELLOW... hmm i'm not a yellow man I know that!! But strange, not a fan but the last day when I think of my new baby (all the time lol) I catch myself thinking of the yellow one!!!!!!!! But that's ok coz when I see it in the flesh again I know just how wrong those thoughts are haha!

    Cheers!... Wish me luck for 2moz! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  18. OH MY GOD!
    I love my bike... She has to be the sexiest bit of machinery ever made!
    Was such a tough weekend... I picked her up... ride her 20km home and had to put her away coz i had to go away!!!!!! :( needed a car but it was perfect weather and good roads for a bike!
    Didn't get onto her again until tonight... as soon as i walked to the garage.... RAIN! oh well... plastic suit on and get going! lol
    200km on her now and she's just AMAZING!!!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. Well done mate, enjoy :grin:

    Tex & Bundy
  20. [-X ...shame on you for even asking! :LOL: