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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MrWasabi, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. passed my pre learner course today!
    started pissing down, so i decided to put on my wet weather gear. The instructor and the rest of my group were making fun, saying "its just a bit of water" heheh i had the last laugh, they all wanted to borrow my gear when it really opened up!

    One guy in my group got sent home on the second day, he just wasnt grasping the concept of riding a bike, he was too tense and failed the braking and gear changing part of the course. Kinda sad, but i was terrfied to be around him, so i was glad he got sent home.

    Anyways went down to the RTA and did my knowledge test, completed it in 7 minutes 43 seconds, the lady was shocked that i had done it so quickly, but every question that came up i had already done on the rta website.
    now i cant wait to get on my bike and start riding!! woo!!
  2. Congrats!!

    Nicely done. So what bike are you looking @?
  3. Good one mate !!! :dance:

    Good Luck Bike hunting !!!
  4. Now the real fun begins.... looking for that new bike.

    And Congrats on Passing.
  5. i got a 96 model ZZR250, all it needs is a new set of steering bearings and a blue slip and she is ready to go.

    In the mean time i am riding on a little suzuki GSX250s 85 model...
    bloody thing wont go faster than 60, or 70 if its down hill...
    cant wait for my ZZR to be ready!
  6. nice one, welcome to the wonderful world of 2 wheels!!! Its a bit of a shocker they actually sent someone home, when i went for my course, a lady crashed, but she still passed :shock:
  7. Grats, ride smartly and safely