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Wooo Hoooo!! Flamethrower on a bike!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by randy_rider, Jun 21, 2005.

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  2. and apart from a waste of money and giving cops another reason to book you the point of it is????
  3. This will not work if your bike runs a catalytic convertor.....
  4. The point of it is.....


    You can toast marshmallows with it.
  5. The point is: We can.....

    Why do we buy race pipes, for the look and the sound.....

    So, why the hell not
  6. alway wondered why spend $$$$$ on an exhaust when a $$ one wil do??

    maybe I will learn all these wonderful insights as i progress on my jouney into Bikeworld.
  7. Well, personally I wouldn't stick a flame thrower on a bike.

    It would be far to hard to aim it properly.

    Some sort of mini guided missile launcher would be safer to use. You don't have to spend so much time looking in your mirrors.
  8. sigh, only in America, the land of people just looking for something more to spend their money on.
  9. What a wank.... If it dont make you go faster/safer/smoother/harder it aint worth it.
    No No No... Because it makes me GO FASTER

    Looks are for posers.. But I guess the amount of them here just wont understand :?
  10. thats sooooo cool

    i want one, lane splitting with the flames on.... COOL !!!!
  11. I wonder if it would set you pillions logn hair on fire?
  12. This really should be linked to the "I hate tailgaters" thread.

    Problem solved! :LOL:
  13. "The name is Bond, James Bond"
    For the motorcyclist who has NEARLY everything.
  14. apparently you can do that on some ZX-9Rs (might be US or CA model) by flicking the engine kill switch... since they have some clean air system that puts fresh air into the exhaust to help it burn cleanly
  15. I think the idea is flaming ridiculous :p