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...Woohooo!.. 5,000 posts...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. ..and according to the OH (Thanks dear!), all of them are crap!....
    o_O:confused::LOL::sneaky::D(y):wideyed::wtf: :poop:

  2. nonsense, of course they aren't all crap

    just most of them :ROFLMAO:

    congrats :)

  3. Fanks Hornet!.. (I think!!) :cautious:.... Looooooonnnggggggg way to go to catch up with you!... :D
  4. Congrats, ma'am! I'm creeping up on you (wait, that sounds wrong): I'm approaching your post count!

    PaulHornet is a relief in a way: no way we'll ever catch him, so there's no pressure to try. ;)
  5. I'm impressed Tweets. Congrats (y).
  6. Congrat's Ms Chatterer :whistle:
    Now get ya Butt on the bike
    and New pic's to perv on
  7. ANd at the rate you were going in the random banter thread yesterday, 6,000 won't be that far away.
  8. And I'm blaming the girls forum. Up until a month ago I had less than a 1,000 in 3.5 years. Done over 200 in the last coupe of weeks.

  9. ...It was the original Banter Thread that got me started!....:D
  10. (y)

    3000 jokes,
    1998 bad puns
    and 2 posts about motorbikes :p
  11. I hope the 5,000th post wasn't one of your pork puns.
    Because serrano second chances at these things.
  12. First rule of the Girl's forum is "Don't mention the Girl's forum" you'll only get certain boys riled up again.
  13. Forgot to say congrats, well done birdie you've made my time here very enjoyable.
  14. Is there a daily nod limit anymore? Tweets you must be getting close.
  15. She's the nod queen :D
  16. Don't say that! She's one of my main suppliers!
  17. ..you said you woudn't tell anyone!.....:censored:
  18. Never trust a Womble, we look cute but we steal your rubbish.
  19. Congrats Tweetster, I am sure you have many posts still in you. :)
  20. C'nive a hug for that ???