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WooHoo!! Passed provisional yesterday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bonkerrs, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. As the heading says... WooHoo Got'em!

    Was nervous as all hell while doing it but I passed - with 6 points. Missed head check twice and foot down once on the U-Turn bit.

  2. Congrats bonkerrs... I'll probably do my P test in 3 months

    I thought if you put your foot down during a U-Turn, that's an automatic fail...
  3. Thanks v-petn

    The points thing is a sliding scale. I can't remember the exact points but it goes a little like - foot down once is 1 point, foot down twice is 5 points and another foot down is 9 points. 9 points or more is a fail.

    We had 8 in our group to be tested - all 8 passed. The instructor said she hadn't seen this for quite awhile. One of the guys that came for the test only (failed 1st time) said he was in a group of 5 and only 1 out of them passed.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :grin:
  5. Congrats :)
  6. Congratulations!, I can't wait until I get to do my provisionals
  7. congratulations!!!

    I know what you mean about nerves ... when I did the skills test couple weeks ago ... I was so nervous I thought I'll fall off the bike ... but it all came naturally back once it started
  8. Yeah the bloody nerves, one of the times I missed the headcheck was straight after the instructor said to me "don't forget the headcheck". She must have been thinking what a dope!

    Omarko, nice ride man.
  9. Congrats.

    Those head checks get everyone...
  10. Grats!
    Whats next? :p
  11. Hmmm.. a big beasty Triumph Daytona 675. Saw this bike first time yesterday, man is it a great looking bike!!
  12. hooray passed my MOST today as well
    spent the entire practise stuffing everything up hit cones, stalled, nearly dropped the bike couldnt do anything right

    come the test and everything they had told me clicked and got through with 1 point

    oh btw I like the look of those daytona's as well although im still not sure about fared bikes
  13. Congrats dude! It's an awesome feeling when they give you the handshake straight after the last obstacle (emergency swerve)... and you can breath again!!

    BTW, the Triumph Daytona 675 has an equal but without the fairing - Street Triple 675.
  14. Thanks Bonkers

    Yeah my brother has a street triple, sweet bike and it sounds great as well. Then you have to consider the speed triple as well cos lets face it it just looks the business.
  15. Congrats mate !!!!