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WooHoo Passed Course!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ChArMs, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Have finshed the riders course so i can now go for my L's :grin: :cool:
    But i will wait for a while as there is no point in applying as i have no bike to ride yet! lol and i wanna use up all the time for the L's as i can to get exprience as it would be a wasnt to get them now ..... if you get what i mean ....

    Both days was a good learning expirience! i have done this course 2 times b4 but over the past 6 years hahaha.. has changed abit !

    I decided i should look the part :p wearing biker boots, jacket & tight jeans hahaha i must say the boots i had to get used to !! but in no time i mastered changing gears with them and moving my feet out off the gear leaver and back break hahaha .

    Wearing glasses are abit of a pain though having to adjust them with the helmet on grrr but no way in hell am i going to wear contact lenses! i can see somthing really bad happening if they went out of place :evil: ....

    I did abit of a boo boo but not too major! only did it once or twice :p hahaha near the end of today while turning doing a segment of the course there were to many people lined up waiting to turn as i was still rolling i used the front brake and the handle bars turned abit haha making me look like a nutter on a bike :p it wasnt bad but lesson learned lol.

    Anyway im happy i passed now to save more mulla for a bike!

  2. Congrats!!! I am glad you enjoyed it, good luck with your L's test..

    +1 Glasses are pain, I wear contacts whenever i go riding - less hassles putting them back on and off along with your helmet. :wink:
  3. me too. plus contact lenses dont give distortion out of the corner of
    yer eye.

    ps congrats on passing, get your l's as soon as possible so that you can
    upgrade to a permanent licence as soon as possible; else you'll wait and procrastinate and never get around to it and your permit will expire and you're back to zero again.
  4. Good work - look forward to many years of riding enjoyment.
  5. congrats! not sure how the system works in NSW, I'm guessing the pre-learner means you are still not allowed on the road on your own?

    I got my L's a couple months before finding my little hornee. and it's all worked out fine. But it was the longest few months scouring the net for cheaper bikes, and saving a few more dollars every week.

    Hope you get out on the road soon.
  6. Well done :grin: Congratulations, ChArMs.

    Here in Victoria, we can have our Ls for 15 months before they expire... gives you that bit extra time to find the right bike once you've got your Ls.

    Not sure how long you've got in NSW? 6 months?
  7. well done Charmaine . . .

    (read my signature ;) )
  8. Fantastic news!! Congrats!!
  9. Congratulations! :grin:
  10. Yep, 6 months. Kind of stupid really.
  11. Congrats.
  12. Congratulations for what?

    Because shes done the course for a 3rd time now?

  13. Pics? :grin:

    Hehe, congrats, now pass your written and get on a bike ASAP, it's too great not to! :eek: Do the online test a few times and you'll ace the theory.

    For the question above, yep, as soon as you have your L-plate, you can ride anywhere you like :shock:
  14. Good work, sounds like its been some time coming.

    I wear contacts too. Just mean I keep the visor down when moving to avoid dust and other crap sticking to the lens and causing pain !
  15. Pics or it didn't happen :LOL: :LOL:

    but seriously,

    CONGRATS HUN!! FINALLY!!! good to see you woke up on time :p

    now for a bike........
  16. Congrats, welcome to riding and the years of fun ahead. Hope you get to bike up soon
  17. VeryWellDone.
    Don't leave it too long to go for your Ls or you'll forget what you've learned and have to do it AGAIN! :)
  18. Thanks for the congrats everyone! :grin:

    im.on.it that is correct im not allowed on the road yet haha when i do the computer course and pass that thats wen a new shiney licence will be issued to ride! :grin

    thats what happend last few times :evil: my own fault for not organising my self :LOL: but this time i will not fail :p
    so this post goes to MG aswell :p :LOL:

    Fuzzy you's are so lucky!! :cool: cause you's dont have to rush everything to learn! :shock: yeah 6months bleh damn nsw laws.....

    :LOL: Mickyb that bike would be awesome but way out of my price range lol

    Donshe yes it's been a long time coming! :LOL: i wanted a bike b4 a car!!!!

    TheYak lol no pics cause i was to busy learning to riding

    Pinkxie yeah i know dont want that to happen! hopfully soon i will have one to ride sonn enough :cool:
  19. Buy......bike.......now! :grin:

    Get out and put into practice what you've learnt (and learnt again), you'll just about certainly love it :)