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Woohoo, my first hail-storm ride !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Well, actually I woos'ed out !
    I stopped under an overpass. :LOL:

    Fcuk, even with leathers on hail stones sting !

    Those in Syd Nth-West, put your cars undercover !

  2. Try it sometime in an open-face helmet :p
  3. they said that storm was coming up the south coast, but we haven't had a drop of rain all night
  4. It's on its way now.
  5. Been raining at Stanwell for the last hour. Guess it just likes it up here better (cant blame it, can you? :p)

    Sane motorcyclists stop at the first sign of hail.
    Was at a 5 hour endurance race on the weekend, as soon as someone reported bits of hail the red flags went out (race stopped).
  6. Damn, I need to pick up my wets from Caringbah Motorcycles first thing tomorrow morning. I got back home well before it started to rain. I will probably drive a car tomorrow. My draggin Jeans won't tolerate rain. Then, once I get my half wets, I'll get some wet weather riding experience tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  7. We had a massive electrical storm through here last night/this morning. Very long lasting and active. Was great!
    As for riding in hail, I did it once, but I'd never do it at night! I actually found it fun, all teh cars pulled over and I had a clear road!
    And I'd definitely stop if the road got covered in hail too!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. just in narooma, absolutely pi55ing down, and looking nasty on the radar.
  9. yeah I just check bom.gov.au and it seems that the worst has passed, althought supposedly the stong winds are here to stay for a while.
  10. I got stuck in a hail storm a couple of weeks ago but I had to get home so I just took the back roads instead of the highway.
    Thinking it would get better I kept riding but it just got worse.
    But I would do it again its not too bad and it makes you appreciate good weather more,
  11. a year and a bit ago i was driving (not riding, i had changed my mind at the last minute for some reason that escapes me) home past the airport (i live no more than 3-4km west of it) it was looking a bit dark and ominous. I was turning from robey street under the train overpass onto qantas drive, and all of a sudden it started hailing, stones up fo 4cm across.

    People stoped dead where they were, me and a half dozen other cars pulled up as close as we could to the building on the left bend. After about ten minutes (no more than maybe two cars, and a MOTORBIKE) passed in that time. Pulled out after it eased out, went a bit further along, and encountered a fogbank, the glare was so bright with light coming from every direction (no clouds) that i had to put my sunnies on and was still squinting a bit. Felt dangerous going over 30km/h though i started seeing a number of idiots belting past at 70-80k/h

    wouldnt want to repeat the experience on a bike or in my car.
  12. The scariest weather I have ever been on the road in was in Texas on the outskirts of Houston during a Tornado warning ie. not an alert, a WARNING. Twisters were touching down not more than 5 miles away. It was 3pm yet dark as night due to the cloud and the rain was so heavy that you couldn't see more than 10m on the road. We were doing about 15mph on a freeway, as were most cars, just praying that 1. someone behind us wasn't still doing 70mph and 2. a tornado wouldn't park itself right ontop of us!
  13. i came from penrith just then in the rain down the m4 , strong winds pissing down rain and to make it worse a truck infront of me would not move into the left lane so i got drenched from the tires spitting water at me, could not see a thing
  14. Hail? bugger that. Worst I've ridden in was on thursday morning to Gosford, all that heavy rain and gale force winds wasnt particularly nice. The wind was far stronger up in the hills on the way back but atleast the road was drier :)
  15. ide chose hale of gusting wind any day.
    I almost got blown of the mountain the other day
    Gusting wind and I came around a corner and there was a truck coming the other way so I was compensating for the pull of the truck when it went past I got hit by the wind.
    sliding side ways ½ the way around a sweeping corner isn’t a very nice feeling.
    (I got a very light 250)
  16. Well i've got nice and not so nice news for you Nykon, getting a bigger bike DOES help you stay planted on the road to a degree, but if its faired, sometimes it's just as much of a fricking sail as the 250's. But i've not had my old 750 pushed more than half way out of my lane.

    mind you that was my own doing, going down the federal highway in torrential rain at about 160-170 a year or two ago :$. backing off down to 110-120 sorted the lane drift right out :LOL:
  17. Yeah, I've got a faired 600. Only 190kg without me(300kg with :? ) but still more solid than my old VTR250. When I attended an accident last weekend, the highway patrol cop who attended said he recognised me from the morning when he saw me "all over the road". He said he was about to come after me to see if I was drunk but he realised it was just the really strong and gusty wind in the mountains.
  18. I can’t wait till I get a bigger bike :(
    I think in a lot of ways they are a lot safer.
    You are affected less by the wind.
    More power to get your self out of trouble. (or into it I guess)

    You think 160 on a 750 is bad in the wind try 180 on a CBR250 lol
    (I was on a closed private road of course)
    Just testing to see if I really had a speed limiter and I do :’(
    But the wind really knocks you around at that speed
  19. The GTR was horrendous for a bit of side shuffle in a nasty crosswind I was in about 6 weeks ago. It was quite gusty and I would say teh bike's wheels were moving around 1/3rd of the lane side to side. I just let the bike do it's thing under me, and sort of just stay in the same spot relative to the ground.
    What's interesting about this is my Z650(naked), which weighed 210kgs, did not notice a crosswind at all, but the GTR (mondo fairings), all 265kgs of it, gets blown all over!
    I was a bit surprised actually! I am hoping the new front tyre wil reduce it significantly.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. I have only had my bike for 4 days. I have ridden in the rain and wind. I guess that is a good way to learn. I'm now sick of the rain. My gloves are wet! Plus I dropped/crashed my bike yesterday :( My clutch lever is bent and I have to push the clutch instead of letting the spring action work. Also the left indicator is broken, The gear lever was bent and I had to bent it back. It was my first crash. I guess I better get someone to tow it back to the mechanics. Riding with a bent clutch lever and a bent gear lever is unpleasant. Especially for a learner. Other than that, I'm happy that I escaped unharmed.

    My first ride was hard, the cross wind really scared me. Only when I was in the harbour tunnel and eastern distributor that I felt safe to do 80km/hr. Outside, in the wind, I was riding slowly. I love my bike but it is sensitive to cross winds I think.