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WooHoo Ls! :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Samantha, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Yeah, it took me a while.. but I got my Ls today!
    I've booked my first lesson with Smartrider for the 7th of September, which I think is also the next perth coffee meetup..
    /hide :p
    Soooo exciting. Now I need to go get some gear and a bike :cool:
    Thanks to JokerWA who talked me into getting over my nerves and going for it :)

    **Edited** I'm not a 12 year old :oops:

  2. :woot: grab some gear, get your bum on a seat & enjoy
  3. Good for you! I always wanted to ride a bike, and finally at the great old age of 40 finally did it! Now I've ridden all over France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland , Britain and Oz. Best thing I ever did! Good luck!!!
  4. Thats awesome Samantha! Good luck with the bike hunting! :grin:
  5. Nice work Sammy
  6. Congratulations, welcome to the fold!

    I'm obviously going to have to give up on this apostrophe thing, haha. Lost freaking cause! ;)
  7. Nobody can stop you now. So enjoyyyy.
  8. woohoo now everyone after me "We need more chicks on bikes"!!! :grin:
  9. We need more chicks on bikes!

    The more there are, the less alone we feel.
  10. Hey Samatha well done, any thought of what set of wheels you are looking at. Again congratulations.
  11. congrats.... :woot:
  12. It is, my friend. Congrats Sammy :)
  13. We do need more chicks on bikes :)
    It was hilarious when little ol' me wandered up to the counter and declared that I wanted my get my R-E Ls. The woman there just looked at me and said "You mean your car Ls don't you honey?" :LOL:

    I'm looking at getting a CB250 at the moment. Nice cheap little things :cool:
  14. And the real reason is that my wife might just get on one if she meets enough girls who ride. me selfish noooooo :LOL:
  15. Hey its a Honda, that's a quality bike. :) It will also help you pick up all you need to know.
  16. And the real reason is that my wife might just get on one if she meets enough girls who ride. me selfish noooooo :LOL:
  17. Sorry to hijack the thread guys but its easier than starting a new one for just one simple question.

    Just went out and bought a new Hyo GT250r and now need to book in for my Ls. I know i shoulda got them first but keep getting sidetracked and what better motivation to get them than having a brand new bike sitting in the garage waiting to be ridden eh?

    Anyways, there is a motorcycle training centre near the corner of Keys Rd and Warrigal Rd Moorabbin. Its near my house but keep forgeting to get the name and number of the place. Wanna book in for my Ls now! Anyone know this school and contact details?

    Cheers guys

  18. Motorcycle Motion
    Flag no.1
    Motorcycle & Scooter Driver Training
    140 Keys Rd Cheltenham VIC 3192
    ph: (03) 9532 0509 Driving Schools

    Might wanna check out Motorcycle Training Academy in Dandenong and also DECA at Carrum downs. I'm booked in with MTA for the end of Sept, they were cheaper than DECA and you get a further 10% discount if you're a NetRider member as well. how much did you pick up your Hyo for?
  19. Oh and congrats Samantha!!!
  20. Cheers for that DRMAT,

    Got the hyo for $7500 on road with tinted windscreen. They dont llike to budge on price apparently. I can be persuasive when i need to be but no luck this time. Oh well, still for $7500 I cant complain. Im happy!

    Thanks again.