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Woohoo Jut got my L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bonkerrs, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Finished the pre-learner's at 4pm this arvo, went straight to the RTA and completed the knowledge test.

    This sucks... I'm here typing this because I don't have a bike yet. Itching to get out there and ride. Hopefully, I'll find one ASAP, within a few days I hope.

    Well just wanted to share my excitement with fellow Netriders.
  2. Dont rush, you have plenty of time. make sure you get the right one..

    GL with it all.
  3. Good Luck !!
    Do your homework, and buy something you'll be happy with :wink:
  4. Congrats on the L's! now get a bike and practice practice practice :D

  5. Having been through the same situation less than two months ago I know exactly how you feel.

    Just take your time with inspections of any potential purchases, do as much research as possible (if not already done so) and remember to do a REVS check BEFORE you buy. Reason I mention that is because in my excitement to buy my first bike, I totally forgot about it :oops:, paid cash, then stressed out all day at work a week later when I finally remembered :shock: . Lucky for me it was all clear. :cool:

    And gear up!

  6. Yep, gear up and bike up... time to give the old bank account a work out. Going to look at helmets tomorrow, would hate to get caught up buying a bike then not being able to ride it cause I forgot to get a helmet.

    Saw a guy on the track next to us (doing P's) today drop his shiny new bike, then left straight away after the instructor had a few quiet words to him, I'm guessing the fella just failed. It was the zig zag between cones in a straight line activity.
  7. Congrats,
    havnt gone for mine yet are they hard?
  8. congrats, enjoy two wheels :cool:
  9. Hey man congrats, i got my L's the other week but still don't have a bike yet. I'm going in to get all my gear next weekend then im out looking for a bike :grin:
  10. Congrats on the L's.... :cool:

    Have fun and ride safe
  11. Nah... not hard at all. I was worried about it before going but after the first day I realised that it is easy, no testing just learning stuff and practising. There were people in my course (me included) stalling, not doing headchecks and not braking quick enough... everyone passed.

    bex84. I did the same thing, I went out last weekend to get a helmet, jacket and gloves then found the bike during the week. Got the inspection done by MIS (Paul) on Friday and took delivery of a GSF250V (Bandit) today. I'm jumping out of my skin with excitement!!

    By the way, if you need a pre-purchase inspection (Sydney metro) you have to speak to Paul from Motorcycle Inspection Services. They are truly a great business to deal with!! I'm not affiliate to them at all. Just very happy with their service
  12. I look forward to booking in and getting all this done. I just didnt feel the need to do it in brisbane and then change my license over as soon as I got to Adelaide.

    Although would have meant I could have gone riding with my friends.

    O well looks like a dead end street during the day will have to do.
  13. Hey, im going for l's sometime in the next couple of months aswell..
    would like to know from those who have gone.. is it hard?
    i know how to drive manual, and have driven a few lil auto bikes, but im just sketchy on how hard the test will be..
    how many people failed when u's went?
  14. They teach you everything cleatus, it's pretty impossible to fail. The expected knowledge level is 0, you will do fine ;-) The computer test is the bit where you can fail easily, just practice that a lot on the RTA site.
  15. ohh the written stuff usually sticks with me like once i do the test a couple of times i wont fail... im more worried about the l's but thats really reassuring..
    just curious did u go in sydney?
  16. Congratulations!

    I did mine in January and still waiting to buy a bike, I just need to sell my car first. /sigh

    All I can suggest is go out there and try and many bikes as you can, and make sure all your gear fits perfectly (spend a long time picking it all out).

    I found the written test to be a lot harder than the practical test. Mainly because the questions (at least for VicRoads) are worded so badly that it's hard to make out exactly what answer it wants.

    Good luck!
  17. Thanks for the refferal mate but i have got my mate to come along with me, he is a bike mechanic so he will know what he's looking at, me on the other hand am a mechanic but have absolutly no idea what im looking at on a bike..lol. If i didnt have him i would deffinanlty get an inspection done.

    Have fun with your new toy man!
  18. I smashed the knowledge test, mainly because I practised so many times in the weeks leading up to the day I did the test. Nearly everyday I went through it once (too much time on my hands in the evening) I was expecting a couple of questions that I wouldn't have come across in the practise but ended up with a test where every 45 of the questions I recognised.

    I blazed through it in about 5 minutes... I'm sure the RTA would have been a little suspicious if they weren't so busy and had time to take note of how quickly I completed it, but then I guess this would probably be pretty common with people practising online.