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WooHoo I'm an old newbie!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by bubblegoose, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Gday All,

    My name is Jason, I'm 35 & live in Upper Ferntree Gully.

    I've been floating around here every now and again and really love the site & find it very informative. Thanks.

    I've been wanting to get into bikes for years and I finally got my L's a while back, I was so excited to get a road bike & start riding but that hasn't happened as yet.

    A guy I knew helped me out with with putting a XR250 together & I've been out on the dirt a few times & really loved it.

    I have been very lazy & my L's are due to expire at the start of next year, so I'm motivated to get off my azz & get my P's then work towards getting a 250.

    Anyway enough carp outta me. Have a great day! :grin: Cheers Jason
  2. dude go and get your p's and get on a bike...good weather coming soon...
    sheshhhhh......and i thought i was lazy lol :LOL: :LOL:
    good to see ya on the forums though
  3. Jason, welcome to Netriders!! Good luck getting that license!
  4. G'day and welcome to NR.
    Whack some motard wheels on the XR and you'll have a nick fanging bike for the road. Upgrade if you plan on doing any distances though.
  5. Jason welcome to NR. hope all goes well with the P's
    If your anything like me your not lazy, you just like to take things steady and not stress about things, or maybe I'm totally wrong and you are a lazy pig. :wink:
  6. Is there no provision in Vic for an over 30 person to do learner's and 3 months Prob then go straight to a full license and an unrestricted bike?
  7. WELCOME! And I'm probably more lazy :) Mine is expiring next month and I have to book it tomorrow.. So we'll see.

    But watch out! This site can mess with your head... in a good way of course.
  8. No.

    Hello and welcome to NR Jason. :)
  9. Welcome Jason. Ya gotta love a kick in the arse to make things happen!

    As Nike says, Just Do It!

  10. HAT_TE1.

    Welcome Jas.

    Not that ya here, its time to pull the finger out. :grin:

  11. Welcome Jason
  12. Oh wow, thanks very much for the welcome & well wishes everyone :grin: what a fantastic welcoming commitee y'all are! From scanning through a few of these threads, the community that exists between you all is truly awesome! *hats off*

    Mate, of course! So bloody obvious yet ... duhhh! This sort've solves a few problems for me right now. Thanks!

    hahaha! I think "a little from column A & a little from column B" I think the older I get, the less luxury I have of being lazy. But the couple of kids (3 & 6) & the wife being a full time mature age student, you're own time has to be fought for & planned. But slow & steady does win the race right??? :wink: