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Woohoo got my first bike !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, May 6, 2006.

  1. g'day,
    Today I finally purchased my first bike. (1996 ZZR250) 30,000 on the clock. Can't Wait to put heaps more on her.

    All iv'e gotta do now is put that damn "L" plate on.......puts a downer on the looks..........

  2. Congrats, now get out there and learn, learn, learn.

    Once you have learnt it all, start all over again because you never stop learing.

    Stay safe
  3. Now Vic, do you mean leering or learning???

    Just kidding :p
  4. I swear Paul, "one day, o.n.e day.....Pow, right in the kisser"

    Love that cartoon :)
  5. Congratulations, don't worry though, we all had to put the yellow peril on, it will come off when you are ready...grasshopper :grin:
  6. Congratulations Mate!

    Hey mate congratulations on ur new bike, can u post some pics of her? How much did u pay? I want a 1996 ZZR as my first bike too, how tall r u and ur wieght, I wanted a CBR but because comfort have turned towards the ZZR? So is it nice and comfy? Was it outta the trading post at Sandy Bay for $3400?
  7. Congratulations V8cressida, getting your first bike is pretty cool and how lucky are you with all those great roads to ride down in Tassie. :grin:
  8. yes petertadhg I keep hearing that we've got some nice rides down here. I have lived all my life hear and really haven't discovered much about my own state.. But now I can do it on 2 wheels :grin: :grin:

    Josh I to chose the ZZR over the CBR arrr's due to comfort and riding position I Will be riding pretty much every day 1hr to work and back again. I am 5'10 and 86 kgs.... with the little I have ridden it it feels comfy enough. My mate who has a ZX9R test rode it for me and said it was comfy and easy to ride (also has not much power 26.5kw). I paid $3200 for it. It has a cracked and scratched fairing an the right side due to being knocked over by a reversing cage. Motorworks have a nice Black 1 for sale with the same k's for 5000. It shouldn't cost much to tart her up. If anyone in southern tassie can recomend a good place to take the fairing to for repair I would appreciate it.

    Got some pix but not sure how to add them here :evil:
  9. Good work V8cressida !!!

    Great bike!! Im sure you will have heaps of fun on it !!

    Watched the Family Guy this week did we Vic ??? :grin: :grin:
  10. Whatda you say we put this pickle right here? :LOL:
  11. Congrats on the purchase V8cressida. ZZR's are great I really enjoy mine. Hope to see you out on the roads soon, or maybe at Joe's either Monday's or Tuesdays.
  12. yeah might have to go to joe's sometime and sat hello. A friend of mine is pretty much a regular there, although i'm not sure if he goes to the coffee nights and at the moment he is bikeless- t-boned a cage.(cages fault) Ripped open his arm pretty bad quite a while ago... think he's getting a superblackbird soon. might have to call in when he's up and running.
  13. oh yeah. here are those pix,of my wittle ZZR


  14. Congrats on the purchase V8cressida thats a nice lookin bike, i've never seen a zzr with lightning decals on the side like that, looks good.