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woohoo! got my bike!...one minor prob though..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thecptn, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. very happy to say I got my virago yesterday! very neat condition, just needs a few tweeks here and there, ill post pics up soon :D :D :D how ever, some thing I just noticed now a few minutes ago, I was warming her up right, and I look down to the right side, near the oil filler, and I see these small black splatters on the concrete, I gave her a rev, and noticed oil very small amounts of oil spraying out! this was quite unexpected, it kept doing it every time i reved it, so I turned it off not wanting to push my luck, I noticed the oil coming out from what appears (from my general knowledge) I think the gasket area, could it be the gasket is cactus? other than that, im a happy chappy! :D

  2. Did you get the bike from a dealer or private. Either way, it shouldn't have passed a RWC with a visibile oil leak. If you got it from a dealer, get them to fix it. If you bought it privately, a good service, full check, adjustments etc. wouldn't be a bad idea.
    Congrats on the bike. Hopefully just a minor glitch.
  3. mate she looks great, bet you she feels even better out on a nice tiwsty road though, stay safe out there
  4. nice cptn !!! What's the sticky tape on the rear guard ?
  5. I reckon its the "L" plate?
  6. God I hope not !!!

    Sticky tape on the paint aint good, if it is, then think again, quickly !
  7. If you got it privately, a good service early in its life with you is a good idea. You might as well have it running as good as it can from the word go and especially while you are learning to ride it.
    Are you sure it was oil that it was leaking? Was it possible that it was carbon coloured water. When I had my Across there were small drain holes at the bottom of the exhausts and it would blow out the condensation from the bottom of the pipes when you first started it up and reved it!
  8. Masking tape is fine. If you stick panniers and luggage on it's good as it stops the paint being scratched.
  9. Bingo.. I was just thinking its probably from the exhaust.....

    Easiest way to know.. is the "oil" mark still there 20 minutes later or has it evaporated. Oil will sink in and leave a stain - water will evapourate possibly leaving some carbon powdery residue...

    EDIT: And oh yeah. I agree with everybody else saying its good to give a bike a full service when you first buy it. Who really knows how old all those fluids are. :?:
  10. Just saw your location.....praise the lord that you didn't buy my old one......cause it had a cracked crank case, which would of cost you a few bob to fix.

    Have fun on it though :)
  11. OK, first congrats on your Virago. Wise choice :D Gasket area? Which gasket? Cylinder head gasket or side cover gasket???? Probably just needs to be tightened up a bit ig it's side cover gasket since there is no great pressure inside gearbox unless your breather pipe is blocked and your engine is a heavy breather (pray to God that it's not). I have similar problem with mine. After a very long high speed ride I can see traces of oil coming from filling plug, barely visible tough. Other thing is, it might be exaust condensation, very possible, but we have to wait for your feedbac obviously!!!!

    Whish you many happy and safe kms on it!!!
  12. congrats!!! Bike looks really good too :)

  13. You animal!!! :LOL:
  14. I rode that thing into the ground :twisted: :twisted: ...It was only bought to get me around the city comfortably. BTW I didn't sell it privately, I traded it in.
  15. By the sound of it, you eat viragos for breakfast!! :D
  16. Thanks every one, that sticky tape is actually covering the lil registration sticker..(not my idea, the old owner lost his cover for it, and chose to sticky tape it) i got rid of it, phew! no peeled paint! the oil thing, I let it run more, until I could feel the heat of the engine rise, and no more oil splutter or what ever it is, btw, I got this for $1650 with 7 months on the rego, although it has 70,000 KS on the clock, the guy really rode it around alot, the tires need to be changed, the brakes need to be bled as the front ones are incredibly spongy, and the carby needs a bit of a tune me thinks as the choke doesnt work too well, other than that, I tried moving it, with little success, I find getting neutral very tricky, keep stalling the bloody thing :LOL: quite suprised to how fast it starts lurching forward after getting past the friction point, practice makes perfect..oh well, my Ls course is on tomorrow, god I hope I don't stall it too many times :LOL: ill def ride the cb250 for tommorow.
  17. Gotta agree with all who say give it a service straight away.

    Only way to be sure it's got a clean filter and good, clean oil in it. also rip the plugs out, clean up, gap em and double check they're the right ones!!

    It may just have been surplus oil from a recent change you saw, but better safe than sorry I reckon.

    Don't sweat the stalling bit, you'll work it out, maybe get another rider to have a check if it keeps giving you the shytes.

    Enjoy it matey, best fun you can have with you pants on!! (although I reckon some here may reckon you don't need pants at all)

  18. Nice bike champ, no matter the km's on it or the condition make sure ya service it, everyone here has probably already told ya. If you are planning on keeping it for a few years and don't like the quiet sound, formula 1 exhausts in Tamworth NSW can get for the 250 Virago Slash Cut exhausts similar to the Cobra Slashcuts or Vance & Hines Cruzers...I think they are $1000 bucks though.
  19. Thanks for the advice, def do that. well im glad to say it wasnt oil spraying out, but as some others mentioned earlier, it was exhaust and condensation mixed together and doesnt happen any more, im realy enjoying the upright course, in fact I can ride my virago now without stalling it. :D