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Woohoo!!!! Go Broncos

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. What legends they were today :)

  2. lloolololololol now thats a floggin if i ever saw 1
  3. Scores ??
  4. 56 - 0

    raiders win

    edit.. could of been 60 but they missed 2 conversions..

    10 tries to zero
    kicked 8/10
  5. fcuken useless this year.

    From now until the end of the season I am going to tip against them :mad:
  6. even i fcuken tipped them for this game, never again, i think the players dont want henjack there
  7. What about the Panthers !!

    6-32 at halftime !

    32-32 at fulltime !! . . . what a comeback !!
  8. still going

    Jarrod Sammut 0/1 (0%)
    Luke Walsh 0/1 (0%)
    Stacey Jones 0/2 (0%)
    Lance Hohaia 0/2 (0%)
  9. I would have chosen Andrew Gee as the coach over Henjak or even Webke for that matter.

    Shit I miss Gee's smashing hits.
    Should the Dragons go onto win the flag this year, first year under the coach that beat them in the Grand Final in 1992 & 1993 and who have lost every grand final since 1985 Henjak may well be shitting himself ;)

    I have faith in Cullen though, he's a pretty smart man.

    Admittedly the team is young & very new. There are a lot of young players coming through that need to find their feet.

    Petero is rumoured to be coming back to the broncos so we may see him in a captains role soon. Lockyer can't have too many games left in him.
  10. Why can't the Raiders play like this every week :mad:

    Anyway, I'm thinking of going to see them SMASH the doggies this weekend. :)
  11. All that matters is that the Tigers got up over Manly :woot:
  12. Why? That's a step backward. They may as well bring Webcke out of retirement too if they want to take that path. Hell, why not bring Wendell, Lote, Alfie, Renouf and The King back as well? :roll:
  13. Well they were grooming big Dave Taylor but...............

  14. bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  15. Dave taylor has moved on to brilliant pastures where the future is rosey and premierships will arrive in great numbers. go the bunnies
  16. ahhh, but you are laughing now Goz.

    we shall see, yes?

  17. sounds quite boring this :LOL: time to poach more rugby stars and give em a pay packet they deserve in the AFL :p
  18. kinkybinky you can just march yourself over to the naughty corner for that comment :wink:
  19. very naughty but always nice :p

  20. hard task,, league players are not gay