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WOOHOO, Can life get any better

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aus_dragon, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I went on my first open road ride tonight, had to take the bike to the mechanic to get it passed for rego and had am absolute blast. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I have been waiting for this day for 13 odd years and it has finally arrived. I had such a blast, the ride was only about 20min both ways but I could have riden for hours.

    Can't wait to join in the next learner ride day, and I am going to be sure to join the guys at the Mean Fiddler this weekend.

    'Happy as a pig in mud'

  2. See you out there.
  3. Ahhhh ... that first ride ... great isnt it!!
  4. keep at it. build confidence!
  5. hey aus_dragon...

    you got a bike!!!! wohooooo!!!!!! awesome feeling isn't it to finally be out on the road after all those years of faffing about and saying "i'd love to get a bike. i will one day". hehe.

    i only got mine the other week too and i couldn't be happier. mines a honda spada. great bike but a little harsh being so cold and no fairing protection.

    maybe catch up with ya at the next learners run :grin:

    safe riding :)
  6. Hey cosmo,

    I couldn't agree more, getting your first bike and getting out on the road for the first time is the greatest feeling ever :LOL: :LOL: . I can't believe I waited this long. My wife is even getting her license now aswell :LOL: , we are just waiting for the helmet she ordered to come in.

    Honestly I was really nervous going out there the first time :oops: , but instead of worrying and concentrating on my nervous I used them to my advantage and used all those nerves to keep my self as aware as possible and really pay attention to my surroundings.

    After the initial 1-2mins I actually felt really comfortable out there like I was just meant to be doing it. It just felt great, I am still buzzing about it this morning and I am sure my work mates are going to be sick of me by the end of the day :p

    I definately agree that is a big plus if you have had a car license prior to getting your bike as I just felt my road awareness was much more alert and I could see what the cagers were going to do before they did it :roll: .

    Anyway I hope everyone's first ride is as enjoyable as mine, and we will have to cath up on the next learner ride cosmo.

    FYI I ended up getting a FZR250 3LN2 and could not be happier it is very comfy and quite stable while still being very agile when needed.
    note to self: update profile so I can boast about what bike I own and not just look like a complete newbie :roll: :LOL: :p
  7. is that Kutulu's old bike? sweet looking ride.

    I gotta get me a bike fast so I can join the crew. i'm still riding my mum's cruiser :oops:
  8. Sure is Andu :grin: , I got it off him as of last friday and registered it yesterday. Spent the weekend working on it to get it ready for rego.

    Kutulu really looked after her as she is in really good condition, and great fun to ride :grin: :LOL: :p .
  9. heh I had my eye on that bike too. It does look very tidy. congrats on purchasing your 1st bike :)
  10. Welcome aus_dragon :grin:

    Come & join us at the Fiddler on satday. It's a nice easy arvo & you get to show off the new baby.

    Ride safe.
  11. I was already planning to :p :LOL: . It is only about 2mins up the road from me!!! :grin:

    My wife will probably come along as well in the car with the kids. We are just wainting for her helmet to come in and then she is going to book in for her L's. :grin:

    Trust me I am looking for any excuse possible to show off the new toy, I am going to another mates house this arvo to show her off, and probibly stop at another mates on the way home if he's there :p :LOL:

    See you Saturday Kim, you can't miss me I am the one in the REALLY shiny new gear with the ruddy big anrgy lookin pirahana on the back of the helmet.


  12. sounds like everyone was eyeing your bike out, including me! lol. it was the fairings that was the decider for me. plus the location. found me a naked bike a nearby at the same time so went for that option instead.
    nice looking ride though.

    lucky your wife is keen to get a bike now. mine is still playing hard to get :p its only a matter of time before she catches the bug :wink:

    definately keen to meet up at the next learners run.

    safe riding aus_dragon.
  13. It certainly appears that way cosmo :p . Can't blame them it is a nice bike :grin:

    Yeah I am lucky my wife is keen, that comes from a mate taking her out on his monster and showing her how much fun they really :LOL: :p are and that they are not as dangerous as she thought. I tis the damn cagers we gotta watch out for :evil:

    Maybe see if your wife can tag along on a learner's run as a pilion with someone more experienced :wink: you never know your luck :grin: .

    We will certainly have to catch up at the next learner ride.

    Ride Safe
  14. It's not just like that first ride - it should be like that every ride. :D

    Yesterday reminded me that while it's not as safe if something goes wrong, there's something fantastic about being alone on a great road.

    No responsibility to look out for others or to hold to their pace, no pillion to be careful of, no need to point out road hazards - just you, the bike and the road.

    Of course, a big twin on a mountain road, with the noise of the pipes reflecting off the canyon walls helps just a little bit too. :D

    Ahhh Roxie I love you.....