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Woodsy's new Avatar....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fuzzy, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. ...deserves a special mention :LOL:

    Top koala-ty avatar, Woodsy :p :wink:

  2. stump loves it
  3. And how did Woodsy end up a tree ???

    From what I can remember, it went something like . . .

    Woodsy - Mick, reckon that tree is climbable ?
    Mickyb - bet ya you can't !
    Woodsy - You reckon ?
    Mickyb - Your a short ass !!
    Woodsy - Gimme a boost !
    Mickyb - . . . . okay !

  4. Awwww.
    thanks guys.

    But the credit belons to blodders and Loz.

    Oh and a shit load of beer for making me climb the tree :grin:
  5. A well-known performance enhancer.
    Rock on!
  6. hehe had a chuckle yesterday about it yesterday. Two thumbs up [​IMG]
  7. Hee hee thanks guys
    boredom and photo shop a dangous mix

    had to photo shop the koala up the tree

    just quietly there are a few more in the making
  8. Lucky he didnt turn into a drop bear ;)
  9. Drop bear = splat bear...... looks like he was a long way off the ground in some of the pics :shock:

    I'm sure someone would have caught you, Woodsy :wink: