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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Woodsy Jr, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. hey guys woodsyjr here some of u already no me due to the edan trip but for use that dont im woodsy daughter. cant wait to come on rides with u all wen i get my licence bak on the 17th of november. well hope to get to no u all.

  2. Hiya Bec... good to see you've got your own account now!

    See ya next weekend if your coming up with your Dad :grin:
  3. welcome...
    hahaha finally

    your so lazy that someone else had to set you up and accout...RESPECT!!
  4. There goes THIS f*cken neighbourhood. :twisted:
  5. Don't take any notice of them, Bec, welcome in your own right :LOL:.
  6. welcome bec, have you seen the post a pic of yourself drunk thread??? :LOL:
  7. thanks for reminding me james
  8. :LOL: no wuckers ed, catch you all up here in just over a week
  9. Welcome Bec. Nice pic :LOL:
  10. Yay!

    Yay, welcome officially Bec - that is such a cute photo of you. Well done Special Ed.

    Good to see you here girl - keep hold of that licence now OK so you can stay mobile in your own right and come and play with us wheverever that might be. Hope you're kicking goals (as I'm sure you are)
  11. BACK???

    Been a norty woodsy, have we?
  12. hey bec! welcome :cool:
  13. Welcome aboard.. :cool:
  14. Hello daughter.
    Please try and behave, unlike the rests of the rable here :p

    Luvs ya xoxo
  15. Welcome Woodsyjr :grin:
  16. Hey there Bec.

    Don't worry- we'll teach you all the good stuff. :grin:

    PM me and I'll tell you how to really introduce yourself here! :LOL:
    (It's ok Woodsy- I would never lead her astray! :p )

  17. Lol this just sounds better and better...

    welcome aboard.
  18. hey guys thanks so much for bein so welcoming i aprectated it. love yas lots and donski i followin my darlz and always will. loz i love ya and bloders alls good hope to see u all again soon love yas all and love ya dad mwa mwa
    please pm me if any good things are happening thanks all again mwa mwa amd loz i can do wat i wont wen i want with anyone i wont lol
  19. [​IMG] Bec

    About bloody time that someone else's kid has joined & making it a family thing. :LOL: