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Woodforde to Glenbrook Classic - MTB

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, May 4, 2010.

  1. hey folks. . .

    I'm doing it this year, here is a link to my fundraiser page.

    As most of you know, i'm a amputee rider and cyclist -Careflight helped me when I had my motorbike accident, this is a way I can give back to them. :)

    Hope you can all donate a little for a worthy cause.

    As riders, we all know the role of Careflight and know of someone or a fellow rider who received their help.

    ps. this is not my Postie Challenge Fundraiser, thats later on ! :D
  2. A little something to get you started :) Good luck
  3. Good on ya Micky. I made a contribution. The best of luck. The Ambos and evacuation people we all rely on when things go wrong. They deserve to be supported.
  4. :WStupid:
  5. ^ So am I.

    Careflight took care of my wife a few years back after a Sporting Acci.
    Good Cause.
    Have fun mate, Good Luck.
  6. Donation made.
  7. hey guys !
    thanks heaps to those who donated !
    I managed to be the 3rd highest fund raiser !

    I killed the ride today, the only amputee in the field of 650 riders - finishing well midfield. There was a bit of clap from the crowds at the finish line when it was announced that Careflight assisted me when I had my motorbike accident.

    Get this, I managed to highside 1.5km from the finish line ! LOL :eek: . . . it was crazy shit !

    It was a awesome highside, I need a new helmet and cracked nose with blood everywhere. All part of the fun ! :D

    Thanks heaps again for those who donated, hope to catch up with you guys soon !

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  8. just wired some money to the cause (i only would have blown it on hookers and blow anyway)
    way to go, Micky. you're a Fhero!
  9. Well done Micky

    Bugger on the stack, but good to hear ya finished strong
  10. next time we catch up Alex, i'll tell you about the stack ! it was a classic . . . with 650 riders on the trail, anything was bound to happen ! Two heroes took each other out and had to be ambulanced out, the St Johns Ambo tent was full of a few broken egos !

    Thanks Brad, you should do it next year !

    I'm definitely doing it again ! . . . Team Netrider ??? lol
  11. About 3 months away now, I'm thinking about possibly doing it this year.
  12. again, unsticked as its out dated