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Woo Hoo

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Ok most of you now my story from the past few months
    quick rehash :

    Nov 05 mum passed away , then had to leave my last job as they could'nt give me the extended time off i needed to sort out all the legal crap etc etc

    Jan 06 spent two months up in Syd doing a full reno to mums house so we could put it on the market.

    Late March , cruise fully booked and paid for ( 1st real holiday in 10 years )

    April, back from cruise and start looking for employment again Easter monday ( few email applications sent ) Two interviews later

    Start new job April 24 then get a paid PH on tues ( Anzac Day ) :)

    New Job =
    Workshop manager/mechanic for a Tractor importer ( kubota )
    Fully autominous : only answer to the G/manager
    Base pay is slightly over the award
    plus a % of workshop turnover / sales
    But I get min two trips a year to Japan / Vietnam to vist the factorys and talk with the big wigs about any problems we have or areas that need improving !

    The one and only downside *minor* is the new job is based in N/Fitroy so i get a 115k round trip from Berwick a day.

    But over all WOO HOO
  2. Hey Bobsicle, congrats on the job. Hopefully I start my new job on the 22nd May. A long wait but it should be worth it :grin:
  3. congrats mate
    great to see things are all working out. good stuff for getting your head down and bum up so to speak and sorting it all out.
  4. Well done mate, looks like things are on the up for you!

  5. congrats! its really like a bike wheel isn't it? keeps turning ... you passed the 180degrees and is probably still on 220degrees so more to come before the 360degrees. :grin:
  6. Congratulations Bob!

    Great to hear things are slowing sorting out :grin:

  7. Well done Bob, good to see it is working out for you. :beer:
  8. Well done Bob, that's great news and also to you too Flipper.

    Good Luck with your new positions!

  9. Congrats bob good to hear things are sorting themselves out
    Guess the fjr will be getting a few k's put on the clock :grin:
  10. :woot:

    Nice to hear that things are working out for you! :grin:
  11. congrats mate!!!! Great to read this
  12. Congrats to you both.

    Bob you can join me in the am and pm grand prix on the monash. May daily trip is just longer at 120km, but a great ride
  13. Thats life for you. constantly changing and surprising us. Never boring. good one!
  14. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    I lurve good news stories.

  15. Great news Bob...keep up the good news stories!!!
  16. nice

    cheers :cool:
  17. If it's any consolation Bob, I start a new job on Wednesday 26/4, coming from the tools with a company cage (tradesman, outside/run own race) to technical support/sales, had to buy own cage and will be office bound...I'm also looking forward to the 200 odd k round trip while no longer having a fuel card to abuse...... gotta look to the future possibilities....