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Woo hoo! YZ125 for Beer program spreads joy to all.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Many of you probably saw Tim07's notice offering an old YZ125 to whoever could bring him some beer the fastest; well, that turned out to be me. We skipped coffee last night and turned up to Tim's place in the pouring rain with a trailer. My garage now has a honda, a suzuki, a kawasaki and a yamaha in it. Result!

    Turns out the YZ started life in the early 80s as a 100cc, no idea what it's bored out to now but apparently it's more than standard. I got some fuel in it this arvo and had a good look over it with Roarin, who kicked it over fairly easily and smashed every window in a 50 metre radius giving it a couple of revs. It is brutally, antisocially, antagonistically loud. Neighbours popped veins, children stared wide-eyed with hands firmly over their ears.

    Issues: clutch was all gummed up and stuck together but a hard roll-start broke it apart and got it all working better. Air filter was munted (dunno where I'll find a replacement), there's a crack in the exhaust and a leak somewhere in the tank but nothing serious. Needs at least one new fork seal and all the cables are sticky but hey, it's a 20yo dirt bike.

    Some of you may recall from previous tales that I am rather intimidated by performance 2-strokes - and even this wee fella was a white-knuckle experience for me. So grabby and so much instant, shouty power when it hits, it is a tiny 100cc engine suffering from extreme small-man syndrome. It's just bristling with that "knock your beer over and call your girlfriend a slag" attitude. It scared the bollock off me, I'm ashamed to confess.

    Roarin had no such issues; he belted it down the street and back again, hoisting enormous 50m wheelies in second, third and fourth gears off the power alone. Mental. This is going to be a hoot if I can get my head around it.

    Thanks a bunch Tim, not only for the bike but for helping load it onto the trailer in a total downpour. To Chengaleng for getting wet and muddy for me again (heh heh), and of course to Roarin for his mechanical expertise, eye-popping wheelie skillz and for making the trip into the city from Crannie.

    ...Now I've got to find an air filter and somewhere to ride the thing!
  2. Oh, this is the model BTW (i think!):
  3. Congrats and enjoy.

    Look forward to progress reports and tales from the dirt :cool:
  4. Sweet Loz. :grin:

    I'll see what I can do about a filter for you on Monday, but if it's possible can you try and find out what year it is? Should be on an id plate on the frame. It will make it much easier for me then :)
  5. Hehehehe. You didn't mention anything to anyone about riding said bike up & down your street in flanny's & thongs did you Loz? Cause that would not be very responsible would it? :wink: Not the sort of behaviour that upright netrider members would indulge in is it? :)
  6. Looks like a "J" model Loz, my boyfriend many moons ago had a YZ125J, it was the first of the models that came out with the red seat :)

    I'm sure you'll have a ball on it :wink: pardon the pun, lol
  7. Hey Caz, Andrew begs to differ, H was the first water-cooled model so this must be earlier cos it's air cooled. :wink: You can 'discuss' it with him next weekend :LOL:

    The airbox from the H or J model should fit Loz, suspension and frame never changed in the first few years with the mono shock. Not until the K model he thinks.

    We probably have some at work in the wreckers so I will check tomorrow.

    We've got a DT200 in the shed in bits waiting for it's rebuild. It's the oldest sons, he blew it up and couldn't be bothered fixing it. But it would be more suited to you than the YZ if you want to swap :LOL:
  8. I'd be more worried about the open-face bucket helmet, a definate no-no with the fashion police mate! :LOL:
  9. Awesome, thanks for that! We had a quick look around the frame to try to find some identifying information, but found nothing but some random letters that we couldn't make any sense of. To the best of Tim's knowledge it's a 1985 YZ125... Except it's actually a YZ100... So who knows? That one in the pic above looks pretty much identical to me.

    Heh, you're probably right, this thing hammers like buggery and the DT as I understand it is much friendlier. Still, I want to take it out and flog it in the bush before I get rid of it out of pure fear... :LOL:
  10. :rofl:
  11. I've been living a lie for half my life thinking it was a factory 125 :shock:

    All the same, am wrapped you got it going without too much effort. It must have been popping mono's before I even cracked the first beer !!

    Am sure you will have a heap of fun on it..

  12. the bikes for beer program sounds awesome loz ill take your roadie for a slab of crownies :grin:
  13. Sorry I haven't got back to you Loz, I haven't forgotton you. :wink:

    Has been chaos at work this week, and the guys have to have a rummage through the wreckers when they have a spare minute to find the filter box for me.

    Jasonw, will send a PM tonight when I've spoken to the boss man :)
  14. Ooh it'd have to be mountain goat for the kwaka! :LOL:
  15. No sweat, no hurry! :)
  16. Hey cruisingal -he doesn't need the whole airbox -just the filter element. The foam bit :wink: