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WOO HOO...passed my "P"s test today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kim Rodger, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. It's not the full page ad in the SMH that I told the Fidler coffee meet I'd put up but this forum gets about the same coverage....if not more !!!

    Anyways guys & girls, I PASSED my P's test this afternoon.....WOO HOO :dance: :woot:

    The nerves were bad enough the first time round, but this time went in with a different mind set & away I went. Was the only girl & the last rider...the heart was racing. Lost a few points on the u-turn & put my foot down once (but I don't remember where) & everything else was good...phew. It was finally over only the verdict to go.

    Was so excited when the instructor told me I passed that I screamed in my helmet that loud that the guys on the otherside of the test area heard..whoops, but who could contain themselves - ahh not me :dance:

    Rode home a very happy vegemite, hubby & dad are very proud.
    Enjoying a nice cold beer right now to celebrate & will see some of you @ coffee satday. :beer:

    Does this mean I have bragging right satday ???

    Thanks for letting me share my enjoyment with you all & hope to see you on a ride soon (unrestricted rider now but know my limitations).

  2. Congrats Kim well done !!!
  3. Congratulations :applause:
  4. YEAH KIM.... Well done.

  5. Congratulations what a super effort well get out there and live it up. :beer:
  6. Making all the NR + Fidler group proud!

  7. Yay Kim! Congrats! Knew you'd make it through this time. Bragging rights are yours, savour them while you can :LOL:

    If you want to brag a bit earlier than come to terry hills this Thursday :wink: Otherwise we will see you sat with a newly modded bike (removal of plates :p )
  8. Thanks heaps Guys.

    I'm feeling quite proud of myself actually - being an olde duck & all.

    Well now I can look forward to test riding the upgrade I'm planning on....gotta be happy bout that :grin:

    Dan- I would love to come along but home & hubby prevail on this at the moment, but maybe in summer I can make the odd one. Have a coke for me though.

    Will definately be sporting the mod on satday :p might even give her a bubble bath for the occassion.
  9. Congrats Kim,
    Now for that 1000cc sports bike.... Wont be there this week so have a bevy of your choice for me.
  10. Congrats Kimmy!

    You did well keeping it quiet and out of the blue I got a I PASSED txt

    Good on ya mate.
  11. Congrats, Kim!!! :woot:
  12. Congrats Kim! Its a great achievement! Enjoy shopping for a larger bike!
  13. Don't know about the 1000cc but definately interested in 650cc, but will keep an open mind when shopping.

    Yeah it was a bit of a sly move....sorry, but helped keep the nerves a little bit more at bay this time.

    The info in the threads here & peoples experience certainly helped, so thanks to every NR that has shared their tips & experiences.

    WOO HOO.
  14. Hey Kim, Well done,
    I knew about kim gong for it, and on hte day got text saying:

    " woohoo. I passed, how good is that. Jumping around like a frog" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: .

    You go girl!!!!
    See ya saturday
  15. G'day everyone,....

    Congratulations Kim,......
    Another restriction to bite the dust!

    Dr Who?
  16. Well done Kim :grin: I expect Kath knows already eh? :wink:
  17. Well yeah....considering we live on the same street :grin:

    We just have to get out there together.......Kath & Kim on the open road ??? I'll leave the rest to your imaginations. :LOL: