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Woo Hoo, In Da Club!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Memphis, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Was cruising around the streets around the South West Sydney area, getting to learn my bike, learn the physics ect...

    And came across a couple of riders today, I got a Head Nod from both! :grin:
    Dunno what else to call it! But made me feel all warm and fuzzy in the center! :grin:

    I'm still on a high for being a learner and crusing around peak hour in my area, didn't feel stressed, kept alert and watched the traffic. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for a cruise with other netriders some weekend, Might even try and organise one.

    Anyone have any advise on organising a ride one day?
  2. Why did they nod? Do you know them?

  3. nup, just figured it was because I was on a Motorcycle!!!
  4. If you want to organise a ride, best place would be in the NSW rides forum towards the top of the index. Just try to get some details together before you post to avoid questions :grin:

    And yeah, nods all round to everyone. The only time I don't nod is when I don't notice the other guy until too late, or he looks like a gang member or something. Nodding is just done. Its a family type thing I think :)
  5. Cool, yeah would love to hook up a ride... Just don't know any main areas or routes ... Still a noob at it!
  6. I'd give you the nod.

    Then i'd give you the bird.

  7. :LOL: But I already gave you the bird! :p
  8. [​IMG]
    Oh no, not another nodding thread!!!
  9. :LOL:

    mmmm Homer Simpson mmmmm
  10. Do :moped: get the nod also?

    ... putting on flame suit ... :bolt:
  11. I nod scooters, but then again i ride a 35 year old 185cc 2 stroker.
    I am not quite right.
  12. :LOL:

    I thought we nod bikes and kick scooters???

  13. nope scooters dont count :)
  14. I believe this is a first, hes not complaining about it.
  15. I have not been riding for that long, im on my P's currently.
    But i have noticed when you see a group of bikes - not a gang, but just like all mates riding toghter they dont seem to nod.
    But when you see 1 or 2 they usally nod.

    You get a few rejections though lol :p
  16. I've nodded at scooter riders in the rain.

    Coz they 'know'...
  17. Was it the straight up and down nod or the fully awesome sideways nod? :dance:

    the other day I gave a guy who was stuck in traffic the nod, he was on one of those factory motard type BMW things and he gave me the [-(
    I thought that was pretty uncalled for, so I gave him a nice friendly hand signal back. He's probably a cop or he's seen me riding like a tool in the past.
  18. How about with HD riders?
  19. i give a nod unless they look scary, then i only nod if they nod first.
  20. I nod at all riders although in my defense it's usually 'cos the wind is knocking my head around all over the place...........

    Nice to get a nod, but nicer to get a beer!!!