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Woo Hoo!!! I passed!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BlondeBug, May 12, 2006.

  1. Just have to let people know that I passed my pre-Learner course!! Yay! Of the 5 people in my group, only 3 passed, so I'm feeling proud of myself and a little sad for the others. One of them rode off the range area onto dirt and dropped her bike. She missed a concrete pylon by a metre or so, but thankfully she wasn't hurt, only shaken up.

    Anyhoo, now I can go for my test!! Yay!
  2. Congrats Blondebug, well done and good luck with the test. :)
  3. Woo Hoo \o/

    nice one and well done

    Cheers :cool:
  4. Well done BlondeBug,

    Hopefully I will be puting up the same sort of post in 4 weeks time :D
  5. Congratulations and good luck for the next round
  6. Well done blondebug :grin: best of luck for the real test, I am sure you will do OK.
  7. congrats buddy!
    yeah i remember when i did my L's P's a girl went around a corner and didnt throttle off and smaked into those portable toilets. I couldnt stop laughing after we found out she was ok.
  8. BlondeBug

    :applause: Congratulations :applause:

    Good luck on the next round :eek:hno:
  9. Congratulations. :]
  10. congrats, hope the learning keeps going well.
    cheers clint
  11. LOL, :LOL: I never had anything remotly funny happen on any of my riding courses. A bit of a laugh is always good, As long as the rider is 100% fine. :wink:

    Good luck on the next part of your testing. From one newb to another
  12. congrats, sounds like we need a learner ride in the area soon.
  13. Hey BlondeBug - nice going!
    Funny thing happened on my course - Infinity wasn't concentrating and ran over about 10 cones in a row and got one stuck between the forks and the crash bar... tsk tsk tsk!
  14. Yeeee Haaaaaa. If you want to ride Mon - Fri give me a yell.
  15. Hey congrats.

    Dante, a L'S and P'S ride sound good.
  16. Hi Blondebug,

    First of all, congrats on passing your pre-learners.....I also passed mine this weekend. Just out of curiosity, you didnt do yours at UWS Macarthur did you???? Reason why I ask, this weekend there was 10 people doing the training (morning session), broken up into groups of 5......in the other group, somebody rode off into a pile of hay or dirt or something ... just wondering if that was your group.

  17. Congrats mate, and welcome to the hooligans nest!