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Woo Hoo! I have a New Hornet 600

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by suzyq, May 9, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    Isn't she beautiful!

  2. Congratulations - I'm sure you'll love her !!!!
  3. Nice ride Suzy! Congrats. Try the GOR on that one....
  4. Nice one Sue, that looks great
  5. Horny SuzyQ, love the bike looks very cool.
  6. Welcome to the club... now tidy up that muffler!

  7. :woot: Nice, enjoy.

    PS... moi still waitin on friggin new chain to arrive here :evil: NOT HAPPY JAN
  8. Bike looks awesome! And a spectacular choice mate, I knew you'd come over to the Horny side :twisted:

    Enjoy that 8000-12000 rev range!
  9. Very Noice! :grin:
  10. If it makes you happy... *Runs away to wash out eyes* :LOL:
  11. sure is! and you'll learn to love her a bit more every single time you ride her :wink:
  12. Very nice, close motorcycles? :D
  13. Ah Suzy, what CAN I say??? Inspired choice, and the 2001 S model to boot. Any information you need, give us a hoy won't you??

    Oh, and now you have to change your profile :wink:.
  14. Jared - yeah that would be the one!

    Thanks guys, really happy with her. I don't pick her up until Saturday though. Only problem I have is that we're going to try and see if we can lower her a little... being only 5' has its disadvantages.. :? At the moment im on tip toes, so manoevering her around might be a little bit of a problem.. :oops: If anyones got any idea how we might do this let me know! We're pretty sure it can be done.
  15. look here
  16. Oh HEY Sue

    You gonna BLING this one up also.
    This time dont pay what you did for last lot of valve caps, someone mentioned in here somewhere you can get them @ SuperCheap for a lot less

    Yeah you should have no probs getting it lowered. Dont forget to look @ your stand ( remember the issue with mine ) & dont forget to adjust your headlight.
  17. LOL yep Simone this ones gunna be blinged too! :woot: Already got the tireflies, I actually bought them from America and yeah they were cheaper! We're going to polish the rims, chrome bar ends, new pipe of course, etc oh and change those horrible indicators! .. all in good time.

    By the way, I'm keeping the Spada, eventually my son Tim will inherit her, he can get his bike L's in about a year. I decided she really couldn't be replaced if I sold her, she is such a good little bike. :grin:
  18. oh an suzi, any questions you have about how to bling it to the max, see me!
  19. cool, sounds like you got it planned!
    I look forward to your 'custom honda hornet 600s' thread

    and I recommend a Blueflame exhaust for this baby
  20. Our rule if the boys wanted the 250's ...

    They will be responsible for ALL costs, rego, insurance, maintance etc.
    They want the bike, then they need to learn to deal with what comes with owning one.

    Look forward to seeing all the bling.