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Woo hoo I have a bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by trinity, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. :grin: so I have a bike...she might be old but she's now all mine! 93 GPX 250 can't wait to get out there on her!

  2. [​IMG]

    But you forgetting something dood..

  3. congrats, nothing beats the feeling of the first bike!
  4. Great stuff... Enjoy your ride.. :grin:
  5. :( I haven't got any pics......yet!

    I'm so excited I've been sitting in the cold garage looking at & sitting on her with a stupid grin on my face! Can't imagine how big tht grin's gonna get when we're movin!
  6. congrats mate! :grin:

    i just got my bike, 05 VTR250, last thurs, so i know exactly the grin you mean :p

    and yes it gets even bigger once you get off after that first ride :grin: :grin:

    PM me sometime if your up for a ride, i live in Upwey, so not too far from you, and right next to the hills!
  7. Thx Nibor will do, just need to get a little practice on the quiet back roads first!

    Can anyone tell me where to put the rego sticker it's not on & I can't see a good spot.
  8. That's gotta be one of the nicest posts on Netrider this year :wink:
  9. Congratulations on the new bike Trinity. Great feeling isn't it :) Re the rego sticker, I am guessing you have one of those little plastic holder things for bikes. Attach that from the bottom of the number plate is common. Or on the rear swing arm there is quite often a screw to hold guards etc over the chain that you can remove and screw the plastic holder on.

    Have fun :)
  10. Don't lose that feeling... it's a big part of what riding a motorcycle is all about :)
  11. no pictures = no care.
  12. +1 to that :grin: and you seem to met the most amazing people too.

    Congrats on the bike to mate, like hornet said either attach it to the numberplate, or the other place is the chain guard......if you need a hand let me know i am in rowville and can stop by to help fit it if you get stuck or are unsure
  13. Congrats! Doesn't matter what you ride. As long as you're proud and loving it :grin:
  14. Good on you mate. Welcome to the dark side!
  15. Yeah, that's grouse.
    You need lagers as well - makes it feel better!!
  16. thx everyone. So i rode to work today, not that I haven't before but the bike was borrowed last time & it was a few months ago. So work has been crap lately & busy & stressful I wasn't looking forward to it then i woke up & my first thought was I've got a bike that's mine :grin:, looked outside & saw the weather :grin: :grin: . Started her up got my gear on, packed my gear sack, took off & thought oh oh bit rusty maybe shouldn't have been so keen & waited for w'end...2 corners later I was grinning, happy & feeling awesome! That lasted all day...ony prob was kept looking outside at the weather & walking to the front door to look at my bike in the carpark & wishing I could take off. But work did not stress me at all & I was hangin for 5pm so I could get back on. Basically I haven't stopped smiling all day. I've got friday off & the weather looks good so I think I'll be out getting some practice in. Can't believe what a diiference this bike has made to me in 24 hours I'm stoked.
  17. quik blat - thx for pm i can't reply yet, will definately take you up on it some day soon
  18. Congrats, thats a nice choice of bike. We look forward to pics when you have them :grin: :grin:

    Safe riding,

    Firestorm. :grin: :wink: :grin:
  19. Gets like that eh! :grin:

    Ya go to bed thinking about the biatch & think about her again first
    thing in the morning. :)

    Even my lunch break is good enough reason to go on a ride.
    You're in love bud. [​IMG]
  20. So the swing arm, chain guard ain't gonna work it's too close to the exhaust. I stuck it on the number plate but it looks wrong. I thought bike plates had a hole in the middle at the bottom mine has one in each corner with the L plate on one side & the reg n the other....I dunno :?