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Woo Hoo .. Got my bike back :-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Was not a happy chappy last Fri / or over the w/end

    My pride and joy was Repo'd :evil:

    With finances the way they where with high rent etc etc, i'd dropped two payments behind and with the 3rd one due on this coming Wed .
    The paper pusher's decided that i was going to miss this payment as well ( even though i was in constant contact with them )

    So Fri afternoon a nice little man and a bigger man turned up at work to "give nicole a new home "
    It's taken alot of phone calls from both myself and my Boss, but "nicole just got returned to me with a thousand applogees !!
    exteamly long story but an over jealous F******t could'nt be bothered reading the whole screen in front of her, and just called the heavys out

    :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Plus a big thankyou to my boss who did and electronic transfer of the $$ that they where going to get this thurs anyway !!
  2. Dude, did you check the bike over when they dropped it back?? I reckon they might of dinged the cans and craked the fairing on it :wink: :wink:

    wink wink nudge nudge
  3. Onya bob, don't ya hate it when incompetence affects your pride and joy??
  4. damn computers, they turn off people's thinking!!
    Glad you have a happy ending to this Bob, and ta to your boss, sounds like a nice man!
  5. Glad to hear Bob, that must have been so bloody painful!

    I hope it wasn't the corp I work for :oops: . The debt collectors have no souls :? .
  6. What did you do to make her that jealous?


    If she was over zealous then perhaps a few 2am visits to her home and a bit of testing of how secure your cans' baffles are should make you feel better.
  7. A fortunate ending.
    Who was the financier?

    Repossession is always interesting. Out of interest, the following is law and I wonder if they were all applied in repossessing the bike? If not, they broke the law in taking your bike and could be charged for theft.
    * You must have been sent a default notice, with intention to repossess, via certified mail and have received it with 30 days notice (to give you time to apply to courts for a postponement)
    * They cannot remove the bike from private property without your signed agreement or court order
    * If you owe less than one quarter, it cannot be repossessed without a court order
  8. Jason, that's a useful collection of information that I hope never to have to use, but I sure am going to print it out for safe-keeping!!!
  9. That is why i have it back, and the finance comp is in serious damage control now

    Who said i wasn't thinking of upgrading to a new'r model ?

  10. Close shave, bob. Glad to hear it worked out OK. Bureaucrats are bureauprats most of the time.
  11. So this whole debacle isn't over?

    Keep us updated!
  12. Pound them HARD! Finance Cos hate there name in the papers etc.. threaten some loud constant complaints to ACA......see what happens.