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Woo Hoo - Can't get the smile off my face today..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by suzyq, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Well, had my first ride on a bike since my accident 8 weeks ago this morning.. WOO HOO! A guy I work with, actually he is a member of netrider, Sivhead, dropped into my place this morning and gave me a ride on the back to work!

    It's funny, despite having an horrific crash I wasn't scared at all. I have been giving this some thought, because people always ask if I am scared to get back on, but no I am not. And I can only think that because the crash was really my fault, just my inexperience really, I feel that I won't let that happen again. Now if it had been something that I couldn't have prevented it might be different. What does everyone think?
  2. Naaa...it wouldn't make any difference, once you are infected there is really no cure.
  3. Congrats on re-mounting the horse, Suzy.

    Inci is right, the disease is incurable, give up now to avoid further aggravation.

    Or, as the Vogon guard said: "Resistance is Futile" :LOL:
  4. I found that even after my first accident I still couldnt lose the bug to ride.

    Great for you Suzy good to see you back on the back of a bike. :)
  5. good stuff :) I got to do a test ride on Saturday. I certainly haven't lost any love for riding, probably want to ride more so since I've stopped 3 months ago.

    *thunbs up* :)
  6. That's good to hear! I agree with everyone here, in that having an accident doesnt discourage you from riding, it made me want to get back on a bike and prove that my mistake was a one-off!
  7. Well fall down - we get up again - sometimes its more difficult than others - tis life
    & apart from that - you're a girl so you aint gonna give in :p

    Good on ya SuzyQ :grin:
  8. It's different for each person. Some people I've known have a small off and never get on a bike again. Others I know have had multiple major prangs, involving lots of hospitalisation and surgery, and are still riding.
  9. I smashed up my collar bone and was on the back of LILS duke with a sling on.
    I rode my bike again just before I was due in surgery for my titanium upgrade.
    I had to get the guys a coffee on friday nights to hold my helmet whilst I pushed my head in and get them to fasten me up.
    I couldnt sit at home anylonger. I was very careful and my arm was fine to ride or I wouldnt have attempted to ride.
    Now Im pinned and screwed into my new collarbone Im counting the days till i get back on the bike. 13 july is my day for getting back on when the stitches and sling are sorted out.

    Good work getting back on the bike. I know how daunting the first time back on can be but by 2nd gear the joy is back and the injury forgotten.

    Well done suzy
  10. Well done Suzy good work
  11. I thought the Borg (from Star trek - Generatuib) say that
  12. suzyq has been assimilated! :LOL:
  13. well more good news..

    I went and sat on my bike again today at my brothers place.. all the damage has been fixed, except the tank which is at the repairers as I type. And I reckon I have enough strength back in my arm to ride. So as soon as the tank is fixed, woo hoo! :grin: I must admit I was giving myself 6 months but I think it will be much sooner than that.. In fact I am just hit the 9 week mark, so by 12 weeks, fingers, and everything else crossed!

    So I need someone to plan a nice easy confidence building ride in about a month or so... and not too long or with plenty of rests because I reckon my shoulder will still ache a bit for a while.. :?

    Anyway, pray for good weather this week because Sivhead is going to pick me up again on his bike to take me to work and we should be at the coffee night on Wednesday.

  14. Good on ya suzyq, like you I'm looking forward to the day I get back on a bike. Just take it easy at the start. Happy riding :grin: