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Woo! Got my bike, my license and my gear!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by huzey, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Just so you guys know....I'm finally ready to start riding =D

    I bought myself a 1990 ('01 Compliance) CBR250RR (Sigh, yes another CBR)

    19,0000 k's, 3 owners, mint condition, brand new tires and chain, rider was 35 years old, kept in mint condition, had a mechanic friend check it out and he said it was A1


    Picked it up for $4500 including two disc locks and 7 months rego.

    Got my L's last Thursday - Friday, pretty basic, but yeah :)

    Also got myself a M2R Carbon Kevlar Helmet, a DriRider Freeway jacket, armored boots and gloves.

    Just need to get insurance and I can start riding =D

    Also, Im pretty new to riding....If anyone around Newcastle wants catch up or help me learn to ride, then please pm me :D

    Anyways, I just had to show off :p

    Can't wait to start riding with everyone, cheers all who helped me (Mainly Daniel, Sarah, Boris and Koma, much <3)[/b]
  2. now that we can see what it looks like....does it sound like a bumble bee? lol

    good on you! have lots of fun, i know you will [biatch!]
  3. Yeah I know yellow is a bit...ya know :S But it was in beautiful condition...better than something that looks better but is in horrible condition

    Thanks for your post anyway :D
  4. im just jealous cause i dont have a bee
  5. hey huzey congrats my man where abouts in newcastle are you?
  6. Huzey, nice bike I hope it treats you well. Just get out there and ride.
  7. stay the right way up and safe - hope you enjoy as much as the rest of us
  8. Thanks for the kind words all. <3

    Im down south near Belmont :( Forshore is about a 25 minute drive north from here, so not too bad =D
  9. Nothing :( about living in Belmont, matey, I wish I did!!

    Congratulations on the Ls, the bike, the gear, and joining the riding ranks.

    Try Western QBE for insurance, they're pretty good to mototcyclists
  10. Thanks hornet, I beleive it was you who was one of the first person to ackknowledge me and help me out alot, thanks alot mate =D We'll go for a ride one day
  11. hey any excuse to ride in my old patch, I'm an old Boolaroo boy! I look forward to it.
  12. well done with the licence, good thinkin with the safety gear and a VERY nice looking little bike you have there huzey!!! We usually have a ride on most weekends and there is always one of us soaking up the sun on the foreshore on a sunday. I may be in town a little later if you want to meet up?

    congrats again, and remember...practice makes perfect!!

  13. Sure. What time you guys going to be in the forshore? I'll have to bring my cage...I havn't been on the road yet and riding around with all those WRX's will be scary :p
  14. Shop around for insurance & don't be afraid to play one off against the other. Ask if they have agreed or market value, it will make a diference as the bike ages! Also what gear & for how much they cover! Some offer a higher excess in return for lower premiums & some offer pay by the month to ease the pain. Shannons only cover bikes which are hardly used! I think it's under 8,000k's p.a. Finally ask the name of the person you speak to & always get it in writing to read the fine print!
    Good luck & stay safe!
  15. Hey Huzey, congrats on getting all set up and on the road. That's a nice looking bike. I picked up my first yesterday, a near mint condition Spada :grin:

    Unfortunately it rained overnight so I won't be going out this morning but it's clearing now so hopefully this afternoon I'll take her out for a run.

    Have fun mate!

  16. congrats mate, looks like a neat little bike :) enjoy
  17. drool... nice bike
  18. Congrats again Huzey.

    If you're after a practice ride sure some of the newie crew will be up for it. Maybe some practice and then a short spin.
    Industrial areas are great for car-free practice, either that or a nice gravel free car park. Can't think of any round your area but if you think of one post it up and let me know.
  19. Awesome guys! Thanks for all your kind words :)

    I was going to go into town, the weather turned to crap at lunch time so I thought you guys wouldnt go...

    Again, thanks all, i can't wait to meet up with you guys and hopefully you can teach me a thing or two

    Cheers, Rhys.
  20. hey nice bike. i got mine a bit over a week ago but mines heaps old so i dont feel so bad when i drop it. hope you have fun :grin: