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won't start. stalls often (probs cuz of my crapness)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by patske, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. bit of a problem, my bike started alright first go today , then i stall it and it won't start again, yesterday I accidently left the lights on for about 15mins and a guy up the road told me ma batt was flat when the same thing happend, now i go into neutral and the bike idles then starts to idle low low lower then the lights dim and it goes. any suggestions?

    Yesterday I had to end my ride the same way namely cuz I suck at riding this bike still gotta get used to the high revving. Could it be flooded? whatever that means and how would i know?
    It started fine first shot after yesterday I just gave it the night to settle.
    Obviously I can't go out on the road if it's gonna do this every time I stall ffs =\
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    Hard to say, but I would try charging the battery first.

    Before you charge the battery, disconnect the negative terminal first.
    If you can get at the top of the battery see if the water/fluid/acid level is between the top level and lower level. Best to be at or very near the top before charging. Charging will cause the level to drop as the water has hydrogen given off.

    Oh yes, no smoking or naked lights, that means any flame. Loud bang and destruction may ensure.

    If you cannot see the levels, take the battery out.

    Check each cell by removing the plugs in the top of the battery. If any of the cells are dry, ie the plates are black and exposed, the battery is either stuffed or soon will be. Get a new one in that case.

    Dont forget to put on rubber gloves before playing with battery. The acid and any powder is hell on cotton -jeans are instantly holed. Wear rain dacks if need be. Good idea to wear eye glases as well in case of accidental splash.

    If the cells look ok, make sure the fluid levels are at the topmark and put on charger overnight.

    Use a hydrometer to check the charge. Should be at least in the white section but should really be in the green.

    Put battery back into bike. Connect red (plus/positive) wires first, then the black (negative/minus) wire. Make sure all connections are wire brushed first. A little petroleum jelly is good if bare copper wires show.

    Start the bike and see if problem still exists. If it does, see mechanic.

    Lights may dim a little on idle but should brighten with slight rev. That shows charge system is working. If lights don't brighten, either the charge system is faulty or the battery is stuffed. See a bike shop or auto electrician.

    Hope you fix it.


  3. thanks brian, yeah the lights to brighten back up when the revs go back up. I left the bike alone overnight and this morning it started fine no problems I left it to idle for around 15mins and she did fine, I was still a bit iffy wether I should ride it to work though just incase it conked out on me again.
    The reason I said in my post (probs cuz of my crapness) is because I only get this problem after I stall the bike 2 or 3 times =\, yeah I know it's bad but I'm still learning to come to grips with such a high revving bike.
    Yesterday I was going to go for a ride round the block but I started her up got on my way got to the first hill and put it into first (well I thought it was first =\ might have been second now that I think about it) now the hill is steep, and as I was going up it I was loosing revs and power until it eventually stalled, wouldn't start again and I had to turn it around and clutch start it on my way back down the hill. I'm pretty sure it's just cuz I'm not riding the bike right and I probably tried goin up the steep hill in 2nd which it didn't like and i probably flooded it on my way up the hill.
  4. I agree with Brian in that it is hard to say what the problem is as so many factors can be apart of one problem. The steep hill situation sounds more like either the wrong choice of gear ( been there a few times :oops: ) or possibly a problem with fuel/carbies?
    If its your FZR 250 , a couple of ideas as to the problem could be flooding the bike by leaving the choke on while riding or a problem with the carbies ( floats etc), these are only two possible reasons. I have seen some bikes that have the fuel tap left on "prime" rather than "on" whilst running which can be a problem as well . Incorrect idle settings can cause havoc with idle too.A mechanic might be in order ?
    Hope this helps

    cheers Michael
  5. it doesn't really matter now anyway I dropped it doing a right handed U turn and bent the gear peg and broke some fairing stuff :( now she won't start at all
  6. too bad dude, it hurts when your first bike dosent live up to your expectations, never mind, keep at it and soon you will wonder what all the fuss was.

    btw probably worth a visit to a mechanic and dont forget to ask lots of questions, wont hurt to hunt down a service/repair manual for your fizza and study that too.

    Keep your chin up and the rest will follow.
  7. reply

    Shit mate. That is no way to treat it just because it played up. (Joking)

    Bad luck. No tissue damage?

    Much damage to bike?

    If the mechs have it to fix, they might find the original problem.

    Going to fix it, or replace it???

    Good luck.

  8. Bite the bullet and get a thorough service done. Riding's not a lot of fun and more dangerous when you haven't got confidence in your machine. Battery sounds pretty suspect, replace it anyway. On some bikes (as I found out in my Firestorm), charging the battery by just idling the bike may not be enough. A good 20-30 ride can be required. At the very least in the service, get them to give the carbies a thorough clean and adjustment and replace throttle slides/holders. Your revs dropping after its being running for a few minutes sound like a fuel/carby delivery or ignition problem.

    Has the bike always behaved like this or just recently. If its just recent you could have some dodgy fuel (water in it).

    Does the bike seem to run OK on full choke (it may be running lean and the choke compensates for this)?

    Another simple thing to check is your air filter (I'm guessing on the FZR though). Could be clogged which will give you poor performance and can affect how the bike runs under choke.

    I'm suprised a FZR would struggle up any hill in 2nd gear provided you are travelling more than 30-40kmh.

    Get it fixed quick, probably something very simple for a mechanic to diagnose with a good list of symptoms, get back and enjoy your riding.
  9. yeah I had a mate come by today he races in the aussie superbike champs thingies at eastern creek and knows a thing or two about bikes, he gave it a once over and besides the fairing damage (front sides and sheild =\) that i did to it we found the spark plugs were black as so it's running hella rich. I guess this is a warning not to buy a bike off a friend without getting it checked. :( Should probably tell my mate that he stiffed me but that would be akward for the friendship and he probably didn't even know all that was fcuked with it.
    MOST annoying thing was that the left brake disk also scratched the gutter slightly when I stacked it today and My mate that came by said that if I warped the disk then the wheel is fcuked and I won't know till I get on it and see if the pads spread =\ I'm too scared to get on it just incase they do and then I'm goooone. That's probs gonna be a fairly expensive buy too :(
  10. Depends on how badly damaged/warped the rotor is.. I had significant front end shaking when braking, turned out to be a warped front rotor..the were able to machine the rotor for me so I didnt have to replace it :)
  11. Yeah I know a place in melb machines rotors for 80 bux but I'm in syd so id have to send it away. The wreckers want 175 for one but i dunno if that's too dear =\.
    If the disc is scratched is that a big deal like just say it's not warped but it is scratched from hitting the gutter is that bad?
  12. After chatting with the guy in MotaBitz (Elizabeth St, Melbourne) for a while he seemed to think that unless its a serious impact, more often than not it wont be the disc thats damaged but the bit that mounts the disc onto the wheel (floating hub?).

    Don't be TOO afraid to take it for a little spin to check it out.
    You do have a rear brake after all! Also, you'll be able to slow the bike down fairly quickly just from down gearing then using the rear brake.

    The other thing i forgot to mention is that FZR's really really like to be revved, and i dont meant just tootle around at 6k rpm all the time. Whilst highway cruising at 100km/h your gonna be on about 8300rpm unless the sprockets have been changed. If your running around town, i'd be keeping the revs between 6-7k rpm at an average minimum.

    If your cruising around lower than about 5k rpm and crank open the throttle the exup valve won't open enough and you'll get a buildup of pressure causing the bike to stutter and if you slow down, it has a high chance of stalling. FYI, the exup by factory default starts to open at about 8k rpm and is fully open by 11k.

    The other thing, was whilst riding up a hill you need to keep the revs that little bit higher than usual, as apparently there is a design flaw with the floats in the carbies apparently not being able to handle a steep hill.

    Once you learn to ride the FZR how it wants to be ridden, you'll love it... and until then just take my word that they like to be revved.
  13. Perhaps the choke is also sticking causing it to run rich continually and eventually flooding it. Sounds like you're getting to the bottom of it. If you bought the bike of a real mate chances are he genuinely didn't know there was any problem. Mates don't bullshit to you on stuff like this!! I found when riding a 250 I had no real experience base to compare my bike to. My 91 Across was a good solid, reliable, neat bike but my 03 Storm with bugger all K's is a completely different and better beast.
  14. yeah im sure my mate didn't BS me, he even told me today that he'd take money off the price I payed if the mechanic deems there to be a big fix up price in it. Just a bit dissappointed I didn't think I would be so crap at riding it :(, practice makes perfect but I feel like I'm just gonna stack it everytime now since I've done it 2 out of 4 rides
  15. lol, cheer up patske!
  16. the bike wouldn't start now I have just tried to start it for the first time in 24hours or so. when i press the ignition the bike struggles to start and doesn't and then I hear a buzzing noize come from the bike like a (ERRRHHH) noise lol that's my best way of typing it. I tried to start the bike again wit the lights on and as soon as I press the ignition switch the lights dim right down almost off. I must admit I am having more fun fiddling with the thing than I have so far riding it lol. Hopefully that will all turn around
  17. hopefully u didnt pay much for it.. since it was a mate.

    and that it just needs a quick fix.

    maybe just go and get drunk tonite..

    its gonna work for me!
  18. I think a car park practice session is in order; go find yourself a nice empty carpark with no oil slicks or anything and just practice slow riding.
    Generally in 2nd gear at about 20-25km/h (sometimes slower in first) and just practice your turning, looking in the direction you want to go... and most importantly slow riding. Also have a bit of a practice at emergency / quick stopping just so you learn how the brakes react and how much to give each brake.

    You'll find that after a couple of 1 hour sessions you'll be much more in tune with the bike as you'll know how it handles at low speeds. Not to mention your regular riding will improve aswell just from the low speed practice.
    Give it a shot and let us know how it goes. In not too long you'll be dragging the pegs around the car park in full control.
  19. yeah the carpark practice sessions seem the go but I've gotta first get up enough balls to drive out to my nearest carpark. It's not starting right now and that doesn't help much. I think the nearest carpark is a fair while away aswell
  20. Incase no one has shown you how to roll start a bike, its' worth knowing. I got taught how to do it whilst i was shopping for bikes by one of the bike shops in Frankston. Lemme tell you, after having to jump start a bike to go for a test ride, i was praying i didnt stall it. I did end up stalling it but thankfully got it going again after another roll start.

    The way i was taught (feel free to correct me anyone else out there) is to put the bike into 2nd gear and pull the clutch in. If theres a hill nearby that you can roll it down then thats great, otherwise you need to push the bike along till your at a medium jogging pace... now for the fun bit.
    You've gotta hit the starter switch, and at the same time let the clutch out enough that the motion of the bike will aid the starter motor. Chances are you won't get it first shot (congrats if you do!) but you'll get a little splutter. Keep on trying and after about 4-5 shots you'll probably get it started.

    There's also the way that you get it rolling, jump on the bike and then stomp down on the pegs to crank it over harder as you let the clutch go, and hit the starter switch, but i've never been very good at that... and have always managed to get a bike going my way.