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won't start properly!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bookofromans, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. My mate told me to look after an nsr150! It doesn't start cold! Sometimes it turns over but once you throttle it's gone! What's wrong with it? How can i fix it? Any help appreciated =]

  2. More details? Your post makes no sense. Slow down. Use less exclamation marks.

    Have you tried using the choke? Does it have petrol? Does it have a spark?

    If it has petrol, and a spark and the choke is on it will start. If its been started recently, but you can't restart it, batteries probally dead.
  3. Just remembered, its a kickstart ain't it?

    Means its probally not the battery...
  4. Thanks for your reply,

    lol sorry i was driving me nuts. yep i used choke. Got petrol. How can i tell if it has a spark?

    It starts for like 3 seconds but when i throttle it dies. If it's the battery can i jump start it like a car?
  5. sounds like a problem in the air or petrol systems, either a dirty air filter or blocked petrol flow in the carburettor.

    Can you drain the carburettors and make sure that petrol is reaching them? check the air filter - see if that needs cleaning or replacing.
  6. check that your fuel tap is on. I know it's s 2-stroke, which is most likely completely different, but i've had the same thing happen on a 4 stroke single - idles fine, but when you open the throttle, it dies. Makes you feel pretty silly, especially when it's a kick start!

  7. Note: I'm a total newbie at motor bikes, no mechanical mind at all! lol But i want to start =]

    To steve: I Wouldn't be comfortable draining the carbies or air filter. But if you don't mind could you please tell me why you think it is that? How does a dirty air filter stop it from throttling?

    To cuvy: Yeh the fuel tap is on. Another qu however, would i turn off the fuel tap and let it idle when i'm done?

    Would anyone know of a thread that talks about just 2-stroke bikes? Like in terms of how it work, maintenance etc.

    Cheers for your replies people =]=]=]
  8. Again, I've only got experience with 4-strokes, so this might not be applicable. On a 4 stroke carbie, there's a float bowl which holds a bit of fuel (30 - 60mls?). This is filled via the float valve, from the tank. Even when the tap is off, you have the fuel in the float bowl, so it can keep idling for quite some time.

  9. got petrol but enough petrol? might try reserve, also don't touch the throttle until it warms up a bit, 2 strokers can be a bit temprimental.....
  10. Thanks for you help guys! Really appreciate it hehe =]

    Here is what is happening with it. Sometimes i can kickstart it (never on first go) with max choke.

    What works all the time is when i have it in first, clutched and have someone push me, then i let go and it starts ok. Would this help in identifying exactly why it doesn't kickstart well?

    Again thanks for your replies! hehe
  11. Hi mate,
    I got a RGV, a 2stroker two. Ok i had that prob.
    Well try this. Turn the ignition and dont pull the choke. Then twist the throttle a few time, full turns. Then let go and turn the throttle about 1/4 turn then kick it with no choke on. Keep the throttle on and keep it there for about 15seconds. Then let it go. If it dies then it probably something wrong with you float valve in ur carbs.
    Let me know what happens
  12. I crashed started it and it works all good now. I think the battery is dieing though. There's never a bright neutral light when i turn the bike on. Guess it just needs a new battery. Thanks alot for all your help people! =]=]=]
  13. I am a 2 stroke nut you might say.Now the type of engine you talk about is a highly tuned machine.Like any thoroughbred,it needs to get up to operating temp.My race car takes 15mins with a spacer in the throttle stop.2 stroke bikes have cold running problems that are part and parcel of a bike with it`s design.Add the drawback of the oil making the fuel less burnable,plugs not up to temp and so on.My old TZr had to be kicked full choke till it fired,back off to half choke and kick again,turn choke off after about a minute or if she stalled,start or run static for 5 mins,couple of revs to see if she would be likely to take load,clutch in and out a coupla times,engage gear and take off.Now that bike would not fire on both cylinders under load for a good mile and then she would behave a bit better and wasn`t up to 100% for around 3-4mile.Then watch out.
  14. is the bike warmed up yet before you throttle? coz it happens to my bros cbr when its cold and u throttle is turns off. use the choke and leave it on until bike idles normally