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Wondong-Broadford-Kilmore ride report-27th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by R1_lover, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Before l start off, l just want to say it was great riding with you all today guys :D

    I will keep this one short and sweet.

    Met everyone this morning at KFC Greensborough, fuelled up and headed off through Greensy, took the Yarrambat turn off and headed out along Yan Yean Rd till we came out on Plenty Rd is it???...not sure but headed into Whittlesea for a short stop.

    Of course l had to sit on Slics r1....what can l say.....but mmm mmm..love at first site :p , and l cant believe you left the keys in it for me. I can tell u the little cibby was getting very jeleous in deed.

    Bob l gotta say...the weight your loosing...your looking pretty good there...keep it up!!

    We then headed off on way to Wondong where we re grouped then pulled away again. The guys in front were away like a thousands arrows, and of course l thought ld just keep to the back of the group just to keep a check on things ....nothing to do with the fact that lm a little slower then u lot :wink: :LOL: .

    I found myself getting a little faster and leaning in more and really enjoying the ride, with a sore bum once more, but getting there.

    We stopped at Broadford for about 5 minutes or so where we left Bob and Stew, who l believe were feeling a tad thirsty :wink: .

    There was one section between Broadford and Kilmore where it was as windy as hell, and thought l was going to be blown off my bike.

    We stopped for a bite and a drink, well a coffee for me :wink: where we had a bit of a chat and great entertainment from Slic who certainly makes me laugh thats for sure. I almost thought he was going to rip this kid off his little motorized billy kart. I can just see him now doinga mono up main st of Kilmore :LOL: :LOL: .

    We then headed in all directions on our journey back home, but it was such a good day for riding, and really good to meet some new faces.

    Luke we will be thinking of you 2moro while your sitting there copping total abuse from Hayley during her contractions for hours on end :p .
    No seriously all the best for 2moro and will be waiting to hear of the outcome. All the best Hayley its not as bad as they say it is....well maybe just a little :? .

    I will post the pics & vids as soon as l can get them uploaded.

    Great ride guys!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ....looking forward to the next one 8)

  2. Wow is probably a good word to start with, fantastic ride. Thanks to everyone who had a part in organising it, and for the improv navigation along the way.
    I'll start off by saying i had NO idea where i was until the last stretch my group went through and that was Toolangi Forest way... then i started recognising bits.

    Out the back of Broadford was brilliant, and had a little blat through there. A moderate amount of gravel on the first few turns, and my rear tyre decided to step out on me a bit, but nothing serious.

    Great fun, great people, great roads... one helluva day; and best of all I GOT TO SLEEP IN THIS MORNING ! :D We gotta do more of these, especially with the usable light in the evenings. I just got home and didnt really have a clue what the time was, to be greeted with a "Hi! dinners been ready for 15 minutes" (share house, we each cook 1 night).

    Look forward to seeing all the photo's every one took.

    PS. I think i need to find a tradeoff between stiff suspension and sore backside... tis killing at the moment.

    That was nice

    Can't wait for the next one!!!! :D

    Thanks again for a nice ride people :wink:
  4. what can i say , I had an enjoyable time .
    nice easy ride except for the stint from wodong to broadford on the old hume hwy , bloody hoons :LOL: :LOL:

    good company , nice scenery , easy ride a lay under a shaddy tree and coffee , then easy ride home .

    slic and I had to divert , big accident on Epping Rd , had to be detoured around it.

    look forward to the next ride out North .
  5. A very enjoyable ride, and great company. Thanks everyone :)

    Sorry I had to head home earlyish though, looking forward to the next ride.



  6. Awesome ride, great fun.
    Its good when everybody gets off their bikes at a stop with a stupid grin on their faces!

    I'll say, we were trying very hard to keep up with some loon on a teal VTR....
    anybody get his rego?

    Great day, and the blat through broadford to flower way was :D

  7. What a fantastic day!

    Lovely weather, awesome roads and great company...what more could you ask for on a Sunday...the higher speed stuff was excellent...although 250cc just ain't enough!!!
  8. It was a fantasitc day, sorry if i can not remember most of ya guys names... riding back to Bendigo fried some brain cells.. with the sun on my helmet.

    R1_ lover, Julz was doing a great job, on her cbr... getting those lines and speed right :)

    Warden, always a pleasure to catchup with ya mate........ hopefully another one soon.

    Glen, lol good not to see you in my mirrors anymore.... ya kepted a good pace up :) Didnt realise you were in front... lol... until we stopped.

    Slic, rofl ....... ya funny bastard... id ride with ya anyday......

    Who was the guy on the cbr600.... good too see another 600cc on play ground.

    Actually really good too see a good turnout on numbers.. sure theres more to come :)

    I should have some photos and videos up tommorrow when im more awake... gotta hit the hay....


    XG ~ Matt
  9. Looking forward to seeing the pictures ,

    Julz, did the repair job on your helmet make it home in one peice ?

    The Couple of lessons learnt from the day
    1. WETONES (bum wipes) are the best bug visor cleaners in the world :LOL:
    2. Stop at the bakery before heading to the park , (its a long walk for those of us who arent to lazy enough to do it)
    3. If theres a car in a concealed driveway they WILL pull out :D
  10. Glenn- Yes the helmet was fine, l did notice a lot of wind noise on the way home...but you know that noise has always been there, so l think that the lock ring was never there in the first place. I will take the helmet back to Staffords and see what they can do for me.

    And yes l would have to be your number 1 fan glenn as far as the wet ones go...they are great value. Get on it guys.....bum wipes!!! at a store near you!! :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. :D What you don’t know julz, is I payed a couple of the bigger guys on this ride to take you down if they heard you trying to start it :p

    It was that damm light beer and the going to the sky box that had me in an over excited mood, I should get a T shirt made up “when going a little psycho insert more beer and help induce sleep” :LOL:

    The thought was there with the kart, if he was a little smaller I might have taken him out :D , maybe if I had the full leathers on……:LOL: …. Then again there group looked meaner than ours so where lucky they didn’t start on us , although it would have been a funny sight seeing 11 or so bikers getting chased out of town by a few kids with skateboards.

    The ride was fantastic, great people, great roads to bad I had to go out would have liked it to go a little longer, ahh well there is always next time. Thanks to everyone for organising and helping out with corner marking and helping contribute to an overall great day. :)
  12. Damnit, missed out on this ride. Nvm, glad you guys + gal had fun.

    Any planned rides this weekend?? :D
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  14. yeah Slic, just as long as you do monos up and down every town we pass!!!!! :LOL:
  15. I just wish l had of got the one slic did going down the freeway on the vid....he held it up for ages, cheeky thing he is...lol. dam animal ran in front of him which is why he lifted it...isnt that what happened...lol
  16. Ok just to get the record straight!!

    Don’t tell me (Julz) you didn’t see the dog, cat, and or the rabbit well I’m not really sure what is was but I made a choice and considered the riders behind and decided that rather than hit the above mentioned animals, I mean it could have been Bigfoot from where I was sitting, that I should scare the beast and make a safe run for the people behind. :p

    That my story and I’m sticking to it :LOL:

    but great ride cant wait to see the vid
  17. Ya just putting julz and my vids together..... my pc is playing up at the moment.. so trying to do it without crashing.. :p


    ps.. lol my rear is starting to look like a slic now :p :D
  18. And a very good story it is slic :LOL: :LOL:
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