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Wonders of on-line shopping

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Hi folks.

    Now, over the last few years, I have been super impressed with the wonders of on-line shopping.

    Duck over to the US and tyres are suddenly cheaper.

    Dock over to Italy and parts that cost a fortune, took 6 months to arrive in Oz, suddenly turned up at the local Post Office for collection after only 5 or 6 days.

    But the crowning glory, I found today.

    Many years ago now, I came across Southwark Stout, a brilliant, SA brew, which was only available in SA, or very near their border with Victoria.

    The first time I found it, I was on a motorbike, and there are fairly tight limits to how many bottles of stout you can carry on a motorbike. :(

    On another Adelaide trip, with wife and car, I loaded up with the nectar, but, the three day drive back to Beecroft, saw most of the stout consumed on the way..... even Corrola's have limits, especially if you are carrying all the stuff the wife needs for a two week holiday.

    I had tried, on several occasions, to order some of this stout up to my place, but always got told, no, it was too hard.

    Anyhow, today, I was checking on Dan Murphy's web site, and it was offering, for $7 per slab, to deliver to my door.

    So, I have ordered a slab.

    I have to admit that I am half expecting them to e-mail me, "Oh no, we didn't really mean that." but (shrug) I am hopeful of getting some of the good stuff sent up from Adelaide.

    Tyres from America, starter motor from Italy, suspension bits from UK, and now, wonder of wonders...... stout from Adelaide. :)

    Amazing, ain't it?
  2. Welcome to the internet!
  3. I'll be surprised if Dan's didn't deliver as per their promise.
  4. I live in Coalfalls, Qld. Postcode 4305. They will deliver that stout to my door for $7 too. Or $10 for next day delivery OR if I'm really thirsty $15 for SAME DAY delivery. They are really kicking arse in the booze trade.
  5. how do they verify age when delivering grog via the internet?

    IMO there's very little savings to be had ordering tyres from the US, I've found fitting myself a saving's of on average $80. If you don't have the ability to fit the tyres yourself any savings is going to be quickly eaten up in having the tyres fitted.

    I have however found that ordering OEM parts from the UK is upto 50% cheaper than through official channels in Australia.
  6. Upon delivery they check ID.
  7. Excellent! The internet has made the world a very small place in a lot of ways!

    Er, they don't make it with Adelaide water do they? :nailbiting:
  8. I have ordered lots of alcohol online and never had my ID checked on delivery, even though I get asked when buying alcohol in store or at restaurants quite often.
  9. My wife tells me the inter-web pipes don't reach our house!
  10. Your lucky. I live out of town, and Aust Post don't deliver this far. So a PO Box it is. But many won't deliver to a PO Box, and it is pretty dodgy getting booze delivered to work (I work in a high school).

    Plenty of bike parts delivered to work though, and other stuff.
  11. They never check or ask for mine either, maybe because I'm old enough to be the delivery guys father. :). They've asked my son (who's 24) before when he's been here for delivery.
  12. An interesting point, MV.

    I know folk have told me that Adelaide's water is pretty rugged to drink, but have never tried it myself, yet some of the best beers in Oz come from there.

    Maybe the water is so bad that the only way folk get a drink is by making into beer?
  13. It's all the extra minerals and chemicals that contribute to that harden the f#*@ up quality ;)
  14. I've had Adelaide water & I think you're right on the money :D

    I don't mind the odd stout, might have to give it a try. No quite a Stout, but have you tried Coopers Extra Strong Vintage ale? Very tasty drop.
  15. I'm almost half way through a slab of it from 2012.

    I just have the odd one for "special occasions". ;)

    Most of the stout I drink is the Coopers stuff, and very good it is too, but the Southwark stout has a beautiful chocolate after taste, which, at times, can go down very nicely.

    Taste-wise it's very similar to Cascade stout, but, with the higher alcohol content, it makes you dizzy much quicker. :)
  16. Yea I am 29 and I still get asked for ID quite often. I don't think I look any younger than 24... It's awkward when I am out with my fiance (40yo) and get asked though! One time he got charged an adult and two child tickets (his 13yo son was with us) for a sight seeing thing we went to together haha :)
  17. Naturally, now you are going to have to provide photographic evidence and let our resident panel decide. ;)
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  18. #18 ibast, Feb 22, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
    Home brewers around the world go to a lot of trouble to replicate some pretty rugged water of the hometown of a brew. Newcastle in the UK comes to mind readily

    So it wouldn't surprise me if the water is contributing to the final product in Adelaide.

    I'm partial to Cascade Stout, but it is almost impossible to get on the mainland.

    Oh, btw, I don't see the value in the tyre thing. By the time you pay for shipping, fitting and balancing, the saving is either non-existent or so small it's not worth the effort.

    Other parts, that you can fit yourself are worth is, however.
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  20. yes, I don't think I'll be drinking it in the next few years.

    Alcohol is a bit of a mission over here. decent white wine is the worst problem.