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Wondering if there are ang GAY/gay friendly here?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by cbr1000_racing, May 28, 2007.

  1. #1 cbr1000_racing, May 28, 2007
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    Hey all

    Just a DTE good bloke who happens to bat for the wrong team...wondering if there's anyone here that could cope with that aspect, yet ride with me and show me some skills?

    Just bought my first real bike and can handle it well in peak traffic, highways and freeways, but the twisties are a bit of a problem. Just wanting some bike buds to hang with and talk bike...not clothes.


  2. Hey David, we have all sorts of people here. There's even a couple of Harley riders :) :LOL:.
  3. Ha Ha, as long as you don't ride a BMW I'll be your friend..... no sex but (although you could probably do a better job than a couple of my past girlfriends)
  4. thanks guys...appreciate it....don't worry...sex is the last thing on my mind when I am around my bike....altho it does look good at times...:)
  5. Hahahahahah Johnny!!!!!!

    Welcome David,

    What about the ladies?
    Or are you looking to pick up??? hehehe lol :wink:

    Also i really admire your post... It takes real guts to share something like that on a public forum. A good portion of people here on Netrider are amazing people and i doubt that there would be any prejudice...

    Good Luck :p

  6. What a bloody outrage.
    I thought Netrider was a family-friendly environment with decent, wholesome members.....


    I'd like to help with your riding skills but sadly I'm only learning myself. I want to do an Advanced riding course but everywhere's booked out or off-season in these parts til Sept.
  7. Jamie, ur my new best friend :)....but a partner who shares the same passion...of course that would be nice....thx all!!
  8. Put your location in your profile so some peeps can see where your from, and then maybe organise a group ride or something for people new to the twisty side of life. :)
  9. There had better NOT be........ :evil:.
  10. So where you at David?

    Rides happening all over.

    And welcome to the Forum
  11. profile updated....cant figure out the photo bit, but everything else done....thx again guys for the responses......oooo and Jamie ;-)
  12. Welcome David, and let me say right off the bat that I'm a grumpy old fart who will definitely say lots of things you will find deeply offensive.....but no more so than I would offend anybody else on Netrider, which gives me plenty of scope really.......(unless that is, you are a bloody Collingwood supporter)..
  13. and i miss Sydney...just moved back here after 2 years up there....but Melb the place to be......although Gore Hill Fwy in peak traffic is quick compared to the Monash!!!! Aaaaaarrrggggghhhh
  14. Go the magies!!!!! Guess I am safe.....;-)
  15. What??? :shock:
    What have i done :shock: :LOL:

    Hey David,
    Did you ever go to Stonewall??? I used to live in Newtown and was a VIP @ SW lol - and im straight.... how funny is that...
    Ahhh those were the good old days....

    and yes, they used to call me a "f*g hag" :LOL:
  16. or no butt sex?


    welcome to the forum ;)
  17. nah...no stonewall for me...went to the Shift and Manacle 3 or 4 times in the 2 years I was there....not my thing really...preferred the pub scene
  18. Na that's reserved for someone else :grin: Sorry for bringing down your thread CBRthou
  19. hey there, the more the merrier! Assume your ride is a fireblade.
    Which suburb are you from and what level of riding or kind do you enjoy?
  20. cbr1000RR, 2007....straight from an Aprilia Sportcity250ie scoot I had only for 2 mths....great for Sydney....c**p for melb and living so far out....