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Wonder What Would Happen if You Presented THIS For Rego

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. For fans of the eccentric


    I want one :LOL:

    The rest of the site is worth a browse too. I can't help but like an organisation that calls one of its premier events the May (or May Not) Run.

    I like folk who don't take themselves too seriously.
  2. Yeah i wonder what the cost of Full comp would be on that beast? :LOL:
  3. I dunno, but it'd be a mongrel in summer and a joy in winter :LOL:.
  4. that would make an awesome track bike! just chuck some fairings on their for airo and your sweet!
  5. A steam powered wife would be a good invention 2 :p jks jks
  6. I reckon you could argue the polished chimney counts for at least 1 mirror, for roadworthy...
  7. Having just read the article more carefully, the builder reckons it's about 1/4 HP, which translates to ~186 W, or well inside the 200 W limit for power assisted pedal cycles.

    Who needs rego :grin: ?
  8. Why would you bother ...
    Also, the rest of the site is 'worth a look?' I don't think so ... it's a damn scooter archive ...
  9. Doesnt need reg. It's only 1/4hp

    Whatever floats ya boat I say :LOL:
  10. In this case it will probably propel it as well... :wink:
  11. Err....because I've got a sense of humour :p ?
  12. I like it, interesting little project I say! :)

    Surely not a practical means of transport though.
  13. It's got a lot of amusing stuff there (sometimes even intentionally) and actually it's a moped archive - not the same thing at all... :p

    I like this bit from that site :LOL:

    The following story was recounted to me by my good friend Donald. The subject of the story was Edgar, the son of a local chemist. Now, Edgar was a fair size, quite tall, well built and about 18 stone in weight. In the afternoons he used to deliver prescriptions for his father using the BSA Winged Wheel, with a basket hanging on the handlebars to hold the prescriptions.

    Donald says it was quite a sight to see Edgar going up the hill by his house, pedalling furiously on this BSA Winged Wheel to maintain a speed of 8 - 10 mph, while dressed in pudding-basin helmet, goggles, scarf around the mouth, full racing leathers with BSA in gold lettering emblazoned on the back and leather motor cycle racing boots with the white socks folded down over the top!
  14. call me chicken, but I wouldn't fancy riding anything with a home made pressure vessel pointed at my face and crotch.
  15. Aw, I thought #8 in the archives, "A Simple Tool", was going to be a story about George Bush.
  16. Fair enough, but I would point out that a small boiler operating at 125 psi is a piece of the proverbial to manufacture with a safety factor of 10 or more. The techniques to do so have been known and proven for over a century and thousands of similarly sized boilers are in operation throughout the world with no known catastrophic failures.

    I'll admit it's not a practical vehicle. However, 1/4 steam engine horsepower and the accompanying torque would almost certainly give superior performance to the current crop of 200W power assisted bicycles, particularly on hills, so it's not a completely ludicrous idea.
  17. You mean like this one ;).
  18. That's irrelevant AND unfunny!
  19. Blimey, the things people try and flog on Ebay :shock: .

    Er...no, not quite like that one :grin: .