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wonder if Loz can wheelie this...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Caz V1, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Hope some Chinese company buys it and starts churning out cheap modern replicas. I'd so love to have a Kettenkrad to play with.

    And wheelies would be easy, you just need a hill :p
  2. There's only one way to find out, god damnit, but I'm willing to try!
  3. Did the turning of the handlebars disengage the tracks? Coz I'm thinking that steering would be a bugger would this not be the case.
  4. Turning the bars less than 5 degrees either direction would just turn the front wheel - more than that and it'd also activate steering brakes on the tracks and turn more like a tank.

    Obviously counter-steering isn't an option :LOL:
    (Neither was making sharp turns at speed).
  5. I'm blown away with just what the Germans came up with during WW2.

    It seems that for such a small nation they were always the most technologically advanced. Tanks, cars, planes, computers, weapons etc - all leading edge.

    I'm a big fan of aircraft, specifically WW2 era, and often wonder how the boys in B-17's would have felt with Messerschmitt Me 262's barrelling down on them.

    I mean, they even invented the first modern assault rifle - StG-44.

    That Kettenkrad was amazing. Interesting to read:
  6. +1
    You might have already seen this site before but if not it lists most of the aircraft projects the Germans were playing with during WWII. There's some truly amazing and totally bizarre stuff and you can also see the basis for more than a few post-war Russian and American designs.
  7. Don't mention the War.
  8. War, War, War, War, War, War, War, War, War, War.

  9. yeah, like disguising cargo ships with hidden guns and torpedo chambers and sneaking up to allied ships then . . . . bang !!

    ooops, don't mention the war !

    RIP HMAS Sydney
  10. Or disguising merchant ships with mines to destroy ships moored in Singapore harbour.
    Oh wait that was Australians, so i guess it's okay then ;).
  11. :applause: ha ha
  12. Oooh thanks for the linky! hadn't seen this before, but now I have I am slightly .... aroused :grin:
  13. They did build some amazing aircraft, and the numbers in the early years were massive.

    They never built BEAUTIFUL aeroplanes though..

  14. That's purely a subjective thing though. Personally I've never considered the Spitfire to be anything special in the looks department - much prefer the BF109K or FW190D9.
    Then of course you've got things like the ME163 and 262 - which compared to the spitfire is the plane equivalent of parking a BMW 507 next to a British Standard Eight.
  15. Or the Ta152?

  16. Yep, basically the same as the D-9.
    A grainy B+W photo of it on the ground hardly does it justice though.
  17. Yeah I tried to find a better photo, quite rare apart from model photos though for obvious reasons!!

    It was very different to the D-9 though, longer fuse, much larger wing, hydraulics over electrics, pressurised cockpit...
  18. True, but I struggle to tell the difference between them in photos so in that regard I consider them similar ;).

    Of course as far as planes that were actually built and flown during WW2 go my favourite is still the Do-335 (Ho-229 would be at the top had it been built).

    What can I say, I like the unusual. Just look at my choice of bike :LOL:.
  19. Unusual? More like kickass, pop up headlights ftw :D