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Womens Roller Derby

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. So I went and watched a womens roller derby bout tonight in Canberra

    what can I say


    freakin loved it had a great time, great laughs, great perve

    It was great watching the glam with the bam
    I already even have a favourite derby chick - damn she is tall , lean, mean and hot yummo

    And there was plenty of hot gals as competitors and massive amounts of single hot women as spectators - what a awesome place to pick up

    Do yourselves a favour go and watch at leastone roller derby bout - have a fun night out.

  2. Women on wheels in tights .... what more could you want...
  3. RHOK branded on the ass of the hotpants of my favourite hottie derby girl
  4. Yep. you gotta put your mark on it...

    I must check the derby girls next time they are in the gong. I still have my old speed skates, i wonder if they need a referee. you know just to keep the girls apart when they are fighting. MMM Wrestling womem... Sorry i drifted off there for a sec...
  5. I think they all need RHOK kevlar hot pants
  6. Make sure you research it properly and personally check all their sizes. You would't want the shorts flapping around, they must be tight as they might catch on something and cause them to crash. Safety first...
  7. every pair custom measured by ME !!!!!
  8. You better get the feeler guages out...Just to be precise...
  9. **** sake this thread got this far and no fuka yelled pics?

    shame on your NR!
  10. Can't help with pics but ......

    Once upon a time, roller derby was on TV.

  11. [​IMG]


  12. They need to bring it back on tv judging by those pics. It's like the lingerie football league in the us ( that and women's beach volleyball are the only ball sports I'm interested in) only roller derby is on wheels so it tops them both. Have you seen the roller derby movie whip it? Not bad...
  13. I had to sit through whip it and fuck that was a painful POS chick flick. My wife plays roller derby. For anyone Perth people interested, Perth Roller Derby's first game of the season is on April 14 at the Herb Graham Recreation Centre in Mirabooka.
  14. Yeah it was a chick flick but there was still chicks on skates. Can't all be that bad can it?... Can it? ...fair enough
  15. Apparently 500 women signed up last year to be part of the Canberra League

    so most likely the teams will expand to be 6 or 8 for 2013 by the time they train up the rookies, attrition and so forth
  16. More the merrier I say...