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Women's Draggin Slix

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Alison1474, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if any of the girls here have a pair of these Draggin Slix and what they think of them.

    I'd like to get them but am abit hesitant about ordering online without trying them on etc etc etc.



  2. Got a pair and love them!
  3. Fantastic.... was hoping someone would say that :) Thanks heaps
  4. My wife has em', in her oppinion they have one problem. They're *low*.

    If that's what you're after, then they'll be great. Safety wise they could do with being higher, esp at the back.

    Quality of production and fabrics was excelent.
  5. Actually, dam good point, for that reason I only really wear them for say beach run or coffee run etc, they are low, just need to be aware of that. and you cant get boots under them either, more like skinny jeans.
  6. I'm thinking massive plumber's crack, but we are headin into summer so it may not be too chilly :)
  7. I'm eyeing these off too!

    Total noob here - to the forums, to riding AND to being on the road (bought a 200cc Vespa & love it)....

    My advice, after many years of online shopping, if you can try them on somewhere first then do so. Pants are notoriously hard to fit. After you've tried them on - just go buy them online. =D

    I know that's a bit of a contentious topic but meh ;-)

    Also - the Slix may not fit boots under them, but the boots can go over =D
  8. Just from a purely aesthetic point of view...

    they look damn hot!

    But I did have a friend who was trying on a few draggin's, and they did appear to ride low.
  9. I bought a pair of Draggins a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I saw the Slix I wanted them instead of the Classic which I had set out to buy. I eagerly tried the Slix on and they were waay too low especially for riding, didn't feel comfy at all and that really was my main aim. I tried a few more sizes on "just in case" because I liked them so much but sadly they just didnt feel right, so I got the Classic instead. Nice quality and look though, I wish they were a higher around the waist.
  10. I do love the look however would feel more comfortable knowing that my little toosh is protected. In saying that all other brand seem to just hang on me. It's a shame that safety has to overlook fashion....lol. Classics here I come...:)
  11. I tried these on over the weekend and just didn't like the fit either. Bugga cause I really liked their look.
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    It really sucks when practicality outweighs fashion!
  13. I've had bad experiences with 2 pairs of draggins. Obviously different cuts to these, but I found the denim was not meant to last. It's all very well and good having kevlar protection but it doesn't do much if there's massive holes in the denim. IMO a pair of jeans should last longer than 18 months before falling to pieces, especially $270 motorbike jeans.
  14. Very true !!!! Ouch
  15. What type were they Smileedude? I'm on my second pair of Silverbacks and they're damn near indestructible.

    (first pair only replaced after they saved my skin in an off. Hardly damaged, I would have kept them but insurance agreed to replace if I returned them)

    As for the look of the womens slix, hell yeah they look great but the design is IMHO sadly lacking in it's safety purpose. Especially on any bike where you lean forward.

    Anyone tried the Legs thingos? Probably still be an issue with bunching under fassion skinny jeans for the fairer sex...
  16. I had a pair of the next gen, then pair of the classics. Both times the denim opened up above the knee kevlar and ripped right around after less than 18 months. Stupidest decision I ever made was to buy the second pair and not shop around for a different brand. I've had motolegions now for 9 months and there is no sign of tearing yet.
  17. Wow, sucks dude.
  18. My Motolegions are still going strong after about 12 months, and considering I wear them at work every day I think that's an awesome achievement.
  19. I have a pair of slix and classic. I do fell more protected in the classic as they are higher at the back but the slix are pretty comfy on the whole.