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Womens boxing admitted into the Olympic games

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Womens boxing has been announced as a sport in the londond 2012 olympics giving all 26 sports both male and female competitors

    Obviously doctors have been quick to slam the decision


    Where do people stand on this? can you ban womens boxing and retain mens, ban both or just leave boxing in the olympics to the men?

    I have no problems with women boxing, but no attraction to it either, they compete in olympic martial arts, and if they are willing to train hard accept the risks in a sport thats legal i can't see why the fuss on admitting them
  2. I have no issue with it but I would like to see boxers in all levels at least have protective head gear.
  3. Yay. scragfights. Frankston girls into the olympics.
  4. Why shouldnt women also have the right to destroy as many brain cells as they want to, just as men do, in a rather pointless sport?

    The doctors report was a "well duh" article. Who would have thought repeated blows to the head could be bad. Tell me doctor, do I also need to breath?
  5. Should be more female box oh... boxing. yeah that to.

    I don't get why they had mens and not womens at the Olympics.
  6. I'd rather not see boxing in the olympics along with all the other pointless sports. But if men can box their brains away then women should to.
  7. yeah............

  8. It's a disgrace. Boxing isn't a sport, it's a licence to commit violence. And for women to be allowed to participate in this travesty at the Olympic level shows just how far away from its original charter that the Olympic movement has come.
  9. I tend to agree.
  10. I also agree.
  11. Or is it more the fact that seeing females being violent in a raw manner is still uncomfortable to society?

    I was going to mention in the Inglis thread, that a females violence rivals and can even surpass a males, though I wasnt sure if i wanted to drop that bombshell :LOL:
  12. You think women's boxing as an olympic sport is strange? How about golfing? Tiger Woods is just sooooo in love with the idea of making golf an olympic sport that the whole idea of the olympics becomes more and more watered down from the original vision.
  13. The way I see it, boxing as an olympic sport makes as much sense as having, say, drag racing or fishing in the olympics.
  14. The world is violent enough as it is. Surely the Olympics should consist of "peaceful" sports.

  15. Yer peaceful sports like synchronised swimming.
  16. Nothing that outside of so-called sport would be called assault and battery, and punished accordingly, should be allowed in the Olympics, for males OR females.
  17. yes, and cycling, sailing, athletics, swimming, diving, rowing, equestrian and gymnastics just to name a few. :grin: :grin:
  18. should boxing be removed ? would people then also say the karate, judo wrestling should go? if 1 goes how do they rank other contact martial skill sports?
  19. Ballroom dancing maybe?
  20. Hell, let em do it.

    If people need to release their aggression and violence, then at least let them do it in a relatively controlled manner and against like-minded people who aren't going mind or be affected as much by being beat up.

    Despite what some people think, there is a fair degree of skill and technicality to boxing, and seeings how two people compete against each other, I can't see why people have such a problem with it being in the Olympics.

    I really dislike how the world is becoming overly feminised. By this I mean there is becoming less and less ways for men in particular to satisfy their primal testosteronal urges. If anything is remotely aggressive or adrenaline inducing, then it is frowned upon and quickly outlawed or over-regulated. Not just in sport, but in every sector of life, the whole calm, quiet and peaceful stuff irritates me. Having to tiptoe around for fear of offending people who might just need to harden the f*ck up or be a little more tolerant of people who have different needs, wants or opinions to themselves, really gets my goat up.

    But I digress. If women want to be involved in a sport that already exists for men in the Olympics, then it would be sexist not to let em.