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Women's Bike Pants VENT!!! Cannot find ANY that fit! >:(

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ezza, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. I am new here to netrider So hi :)

    I was wondering if any of the women out there could help me. I am currently getting my gear together for when I start learning to ride. So far have my helmet, boots, jacket, am about to buy gloves but I cannot find any bike pants that fit ANYWHERE! I am 5'5", 69kgs and am pear shaped (IE: weight around hips/thighs/bum IE: I have CURVES *SHOCK HORROR!*) and am normally a size 12-14 for pants/skirts. Im in Mildura and only have one main motorcycle store here which doesn't have a huge range so can't try on heaps of diff styles/types etc, so hard!

    This last weekend at Peter Stevens Adelaide I've tried on:

    RST Womens Textile Pants (& another brand of textile pants but had same probs as outlined next) - Tried on size 12 & 14, couldn't get either past my thighs. As degrading as it was I tried on a 16. Could get these on, but then couldn't get the zip done up! Wasn't any 18's for me to try either, but WTF is with making sizing so small?!

    Draggin Minx & Regular Jeans - As is the rediculous style of Draggins, all are hipster (stupid much for motorbike pants!?) I try on 12, too small. I try on 14, too big and because they are hipsters and made for "model shaped" stick figure women with flat arses (IE: those types in the adverts for Draggins) they slide halfway down my bum by the time I sit down/bend over and show off a lovely plumbers crack!

    Hornee Womens High Rise - So I try these on out of desperation despite obv being poorer in quality than the Draggins (thinner denim & poss kevlar?) because they are high rise and whilst 14's didn't fit too bad, the rise is SO high it comes just about under my boobs and gapes everwhere at the top because of the size i need to fit my bum/thighs!

    So exasperated! Just about convinced Im just not meant to be a bike rider at this stage... Is anyone else as sick as me of jean/pant manufacturers (not just talking about motorcycle pants either, I have the same prob with regular jeans) producing for the tiny percentage of super skinny women with no curves as opposed to the "australian average" sized women of 14?

    If anyone is a similar height/weight/shape to me I would be very interested to hear what you've found works. At this stage I will either have to look into something custom made or resort to kevlar leggings under regular jeans if even those fit properly!
  2. You may want to try a set of Draggin K legs. They are kevlar leggings that go underneath ordinary clothing, so they are a universal fit. I use them when Im not wearing leathers.

    Im a guy, and all the draggins or hornee jeans were uncomfortable for me as well.
  3. The textile pants that I got are men's!. The brand is Ixon and they were a good fit.

    My leather pants are Rjays Ladies touring leather pants. They fit really well and I am very pleased with them.

    So maybe try on some of the men's stuff too!... :grin:
  4. Contact Draggins, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to send them your measurements or get measured up if you're visiting Melbourne, and have them make some custom gear for you. They have a reputation for very good customer service.

  5. With draggins, the womens pants are as you stated mainly hipster, but what's stopping you from trying the mens ones on?
    Almost all the females I know that have draggins have the mens.
  6. You may have to suck it up and try on some mens pants (32-34?). they may not look as fashionable but at least they will fit.

    I think my mum had the same problem when she went looking for some motorcycle pants but she eventually found a pair and when she went to pay for them the cashier told her that they were mens pants! She bought them anyway
  7. Well the reason I've not bothered with mens ones is because they don't have any curves either, are made for men which are straight up and down so why would they fit? It's gonna be the same prob.

    Plus I would really rather a textile pant as they usually come with some type of impact resistance whereas the jeans only have abrasion resistant with the kevlar unless you want to pay even more money for those cheap looking knee protectors that go underneath the jeans...

    Like wth is the point of making "womens" pants (which I assume are meant to mean they are made to fit womens shapes...) *rolls eyes* to then have them not fit and have to buy mens?
  8. My missus is also curved and not tall, she also tried on heaps of 'womens' pants, but settled on a pair of mens draggins that fitted her well and she just tailored the leg length to suit.

    She finds them extremely comfortable.

    Not sure how you would go with textile. How about some knee guards underneath?
  9. Cause all women are different! I have had custom draggins made (5 inches longer in the leg!) & was stoked to find they cost no more! Fit beautifully by the way!
  10. Yeah but they don't make them for the majority, they make them for the minority... Funny you should say that you had the leg lengthened, cause thats my other prob, they are WAY too long on me.

    Perhaps I can enquire with them... so annoying not being able to just get something off the rack but...
  11. Anyone tried the Neds kevlar jeans?
  12. Give Tiger Angel leathers a ring, they make full custom leather pants and jackets that fit anyone no matter what size or shape you are.
  13. PM Ceska - she'll be able give you some good advice... but I think draggin Cargoe's might be the go for you. Not all that fashionable but practical. Drop in at Draggin's office in Sth Melb, they'll sort you out.

    Regarding leather, there have been a slew of poor stories regarding "custom" leathers from Tiger angel recently. Dainese have some great womens leather pants.
  14. Thanks guys :)

    Not really after leather though. I know it's the best protection but it is super expensive and Im not even sure if Im going to stick with riding yet. Only been on a dirt bike a couple of times and that was a bit hair raising (don't like the feeling and the way it slips in the sand/dirt - think road will be better). Not keen on the draggin cargo's either really as I've heard people say they're not great protection wise as they are loose so can be pulled around in an accident and not protect where they should. Have emailed Neds to see if they can help, lots of happy women customers on their site...
  15. Can't get to melbs unfortunately as Im in Mildura and have no ties to anyone there. Best I can do is Adelaide asIm regularly there due to friends/family.
  16. Drop draggin an email with your "problem" and they'll probably help you in some way.
  17. there's also Star rider

    They do specialise in women's motorcycle products and are good quality.
    I have a set of camos and kevlar jeans as well.
  18. Of course! Brigette!
  19. I'm +1 for Draggin Cargos.
    I can't comment on them pulling or rolling in an off but I will argue for their toughness and I don't think that they're completely lacking in style as some might but I like cargos in general and am willing to sacrifice some style points in exchange for safety.